The Evidence App

How does the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App work?
      The I’ve-Been-Violated™ App is designed for those unfortunate times when an assault occurs and the victim is unwilling to immediately speak with appropriate third parties (legal, health, or school based) about that event. Statistics suggest that this holds true for upwards of 85% of all victims. The lack of an immediate willingness to speak with appropriate third parties should not compound the victim’s injuries by introducing doubts of credibility. The I’ve-Been-Violated™ App directly addresses the potential for such doubts (and generates a more reliable record of what may have happened) by enabling the victim to record his or her story of what happened and who was involved.
      Once the victim has reached what he or she considers to be a safe place, the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App can be run. The app asks the victim to identify him- or herself, to state what transpired, and to name the assaulter. Inherently, the video will record the current appearance of the victim (which may be useful evidence at a later date). This information is video recorded, and, as with all other apps in the We-Consent™ App Suite, the geocoded, time-stamped video is encrypted and sent to the cloud for transfer to offline storage. The video is only available to appropriate legal, health, and school authorities or upon subpoena.
      When the victim believes it is time to speak about what happened, the I’ve-Been-Violated™ video record is available to use as contemporaneous evidence that can minimize credibility issues. Nothing about the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App is restricted to sexual assaults.

How much does the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App cost?
      The I’ve-Been-Violated™ App will be available by mid-October for free as a part of the We-Consent™ App Suite for those who have the We-Consent™ App.

Is there a risk of potential abuse?
      As with most tools and services, yes, there is a potential for abuse. However, we have built-in safeguards to address most potential forms of abuse. As the user has no access to the videos, the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App cannot be used by an accuser. To file a false police report is itself a potential crime. More importantly, repeated use is potentially suggestive of other issues. If a user runs the app more than three times in the space of a year (ignoring test runs in the first two weeks after installation), we will notify the user’s college or university. If a user has run the app more than five times in the space of a year (again ignoring test runs in the first two weeks after installation) we will notify law enforcement.