Frequently asked questions

Who should provide the We-Consent™ Apps?

Because the legal status of direct provision of these apps by schools has not been tested, we recommend that The We-Consent™ App Suite be either purchased individually by students or made available for voluntary adoption by a group, fraternity, school. Unless the school or group has gained appropriate legal advice to the contrary, we strongly caution against the school or group mandating the use of the We-Consent™ App. Obviously, the use of both the What-About-No™ App and the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App cannot be mandated – nor would that be desirable.

By contrast, we strongly believe that schools and groups should make every effort to require the use of the Party-Pass™ App. Requiring this app for every authorized or sponsored event should lead to an immediate change in the context of the “hook-up” culture at such parties. The very act of actively scanning the QR code and being reminded of the “No Sex without Discussion First” pledge is a powerful contextual trigger. Knowing that some data about using the app is potentially available in the case of a problem is a further trigger for taking the app and the pledge seriously.

Ideally the We-Consent™ App Suite would be made available to an entire campus – so that all that was required for enrollment and use was the availability of a .edu email address. has campus-wide pricing available and as a 501(c)(3) organization stands ready to assist in procuring grants and foundational support to pay for such a deployment. We further note that co-branding of the We-Consent™ App Suite or of the Party-Pass™ App is available.

Are there implications for a student who fails to make use of the We-Consent™ Apps once available?

No negative inferences should be drawn from non-use. The primary importance of these apps is the discussions they evoke, NOT the records they create. This is true campus-wide as well as individual-by-individual. officials are available to supply testimony to reinforce this if it should be necessary in the context of a legal or disciplinary proceeding.

What is the role of education?

The We-Consent™ App Suite is designed to help trigger discussions and context changes. The substance of these discussions and the meaning of the context changes are best communicated through continuing education. The We-Consent™ App Suite cannot substitute for such education efforts but are powerful supplemental tools. Further, because the Apps reside on a student’s phone, they have a constant presence and, unlike education efforts, can serve as constant triggers.

Are the We-Consent™ Apps available for Android phones?

The Android version of each app in the We-Consent™ App Suite is expected to be released before year-end.

Does ISCE have other mobile apps available?

We also have an anti-bullying app called The-No-App™ – for further information see