Melisa Mel

Position: Advisor
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Vulnerable populations and victims touch a special place in Melisa Mel’s heart. After teaching English as a Second Language for 18 years overseas in Spain and teaching young adults with Severe Disabilities and Severe Autism for 10 years, she moved her focus to policing and first responder issues surrounding victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes. Mel is currently the CEO of her company From Victim to Survivor. Its mission is to connect with any who relate to or care about abuse on any and all levels.

She is known as the “Cargo Pants Girl” who brings all her skills together as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and presenter. Additionally, she is a facilitator at the PRIDE LGBT center in Phoenix. As a fluent Spanish speaker, Mel offers her services in Spanish and English.

It would seem that with all the hats that Mel wears, she would not have time for much else. However, she has published eight books and is currently working on her ninth book. All of her books are non-fiction and focus on vulnerable populations.

Passion for assisting those without a voice pushes Mel forward on her many goals and projects. She holds two Master degrees and a PhD ABD. Over the years, she has been nominated for various national awards for her work with victims, her philanthropy, her teaching, and her writing.