10 Best Fantasy Cricket Tips to Win Dream11 IPL in 2020

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10 Best Fantasy Cricket Tips to Win Dream11 IPL in 2020

Today, Fantasy cricket has become one of the most popular fantasy games in India. Online gaming experts have witnessed a vast interest in playing fantasy cricket, as sports fanatics get a chance to bring the game at their fingertips. They can create their own virtual team based on real-players, and with the right gaming skills, they can win the game. Though it seems easy to make the team, participate, and play, it is not easy in reality. To win a match, players need to pick a perfect squad of playing XI, but how? Here fantasy cricket tips come into the picture.

Let’s look at some fantasy cricket tips and tricks that might help you win Dream 11 IPL Season 2020.

Deciding Playing Squad-

One of the most primary fantasy cricket tips is to select those players only who are playing in recent matches. Choosing a player based on their past performances or great achievement reports will not be profitable.

For example, if you select Rohit Sharma based on its previous performance and is injured in the current match, your team will be going only with ten players. Before picking a team, always try to read the news and reports on fantasy cricket apps; it will give you accurate and updated information about every player.
Eventually, it helps you in making the right decisions before starting tournaments.

Comprehensive pitch knowledge-

Pitch plays a significant role in winning or losing any cricket match. Before selecting a team, you need to analyze pitch conditions, like a high scoring pitch or a low one.

Based on that, you can quickly evaluate how many bowlers or batsmen you would require in your team. For example, the Dubai International Stadium’s pitch favors fast bowlers; it can help you select such bowlers in your team.

Determine Weather conditions-

Weather conditions also play a great role in determining your team winnings as rain can ruin the whole game in seconds. Good weather conditions help the batsmen score more runs, whereas humid conditions favors the bowlers’ side.

Hence, it will be beneficial for a fantasy user to go through the weather conditions beforehand. You can easily find these details on fantasy cricket tips apps and websites that offer fantasy cricket tournaments and contests.

Post-match presentations-

To understand the teams’ strategy, always review the post-match presentations of the tournaments. It will give you an idea about your fantasy team. These presentations also help with the announcements made before.

Pick bowlers who are wicket-takers-

Although most fantasy sports applications pay attention to the batsmen, bowlers also help you win fantasy tournaments. Always try to pick such bowlers which guarantee wicket, for that you can check their previous matches, current form, bowling length, and other essential aspects that assure a wicket. For example, Jasprit Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada are currently in great form and taking wickets for their teams.

Captain and Vice-Captain-

Winning depends on the entire team, but captain and vice-captain play a few other beneficial roles too. In fantasy cricket, a captain scores 2 points while the vice-captain has 1.5 points. However, there are no separate fantasy cricket tips to choose a captain and vice-captain; you can select either the best batsmen, bowler, or an all-rounder.

Type of fantasy contests-

Type of tournaments also significantly impact winnings; usually, users attract towards the big winning prizes and participate in it without proper knowledge. Later it will result in losing that tournament. Always try to start with small leagues as it will give an idea about the strategies and skills required for big matches. Once you have tested your skills and gain enough strategy and prediction tactics, you are ready to participate in high-fee contests.

Promo codes-

On every fantasy cricket website, you will easily find sign-up and referral bonuses schemes. But how can you use it in your winning is still confusing? The promo codes help gain extra leverages; with the help of fantasy cricket tips, you can prepare a list of these codes and use it in your additional purchases or updates to help you play more.

Join multiple contests and build multiple teams- This fantasy cricket tip works better for the pro players; participating in several tournaments with various teams ultimately increases the chances of winnings. But it can be challenging too as it requires separate entry fees for every game.

Match prediction reports-

Before participating in any fantasy tournament, always try to read the match prediction reports published hours before the real match starts. It will include all the essential factors right from teams, ground conditions, weather reports to other necessary information. It is one of the most crucial fantasy cricket tips one must follow.

Wrapping up-

Here are some of the best fantasy cricket tips users can follow while playing fantasy cricket games. Always try to pick your team with the best information; it ultimately increases your winning chances. If we miss any of the tips that you feel essential, please feel free to mention it in our comment section.

Till then, Participate, play, and win exciting prizes with Fantasy sports applications.

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