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Office desks aren’t the most organised places and definitely not when you are a clumsy person burdened with work more than human capacity. These things on your table are of minimal use at least all at once, but you still find it hard to place them in drawers like they are supposed to be. To change this habit, you have to love your table and keep it beautiful so that you don’t want to spoil its look with anything additional that spoils the decor.

A clock, a calendar is a great idea, but you won’t care for these materialistic things beyond a point. What you need are desk plants that bring life to your office and make you want to stick by them as they stick by you. Plants have a tendency not to freshen the air or purify the atmosphere but they are also your mental health doctors. Plants cool you in ways you can’t imagine but will know have it subtly in your knowledge once you have them around. To see the worth that a plant can add to your life, you need to have at least one, and, surely, you will build a lively and strong bond with your plant after that.

  • Aglaonema

The plant with the green and white leaves in a combination where the centre is occupied with white and the corners with the green is the aglaonema. It is a preferable plant with low maintenance and an extra classy and glowy look. You can have one on the table or each corner of the house.

  • Philodendron

Don’t let the name throw you off. It is also a commonly found plant in India. It is very easy to maintain with not abundant light and water requirements. It is a leafy plant with many coming out of the pot and growing towards the sky. The height and the size of the plant are fit for indoors.

  • Peace lily

Peace lily plant is great, very popular and very appealing to look at. It is a plant you don’t just want to have for mental peace but to increase the beauty of the office and to make it look gracious to all. The leafy plant is enough to make you fall in love with the workplace all over again.

  • Dracaena

Another leafy plant is on your way, particularly because flowers, when kept indoors, are likely to shed after a few set days, and the cleaning might become a difficult thing to stick with. Hence go for a leafy plant like this that has low requirements of food and light as well. 

  • Sansevieria

These are good plants, known for their air-purifying tendency and other magical powers they have. They are to maintain as well, and you shouldn’t give buying these a second thought.

  • Succulents

These are plants that are perfectly capable of sitting in places and not asking for anything from food or sunlight. Their suede-like leaves retain water, and they have a strong system to fit anything wrong that comes their way.

  • Lucky bamboo

The double or single-layered lucky bamboo plant is well to be grown in both soil and water both. The good thing is that these are kept in small vases and are hence the perfect thing to have on the office desk. Also, the red ribbon around the plant makes a beautiful meaning signifying fire and peace.

  • Orchids

Orchids are flowering plants that grow mostly in white and pink like colours. Their flowers are beyond beautiful and light and elegant as well. They are representative of peace and calm all over the world and are hence symbolic of their significance. They aren’t just ordinary plants to have around but instead add meaning to the whole look of your office.

  • Water terrarium

Terrarium plants that are kept in bowls or cylinders from one side are great to keep on desks because of the very exciting look and a class them. The best idea to keep them is because they are appealing in ways you can’t imagine and magnify the look and grace of a place multifold. They are usually for square, round or cylindrical vases, and you can find them on any online portal very easily.

  • Bonsai tree

Bonsais are known to everybody, and it’s not a new thing to have a bonsai tree in the office. But that does not mean you having it will only mean repetition in fact, bonsai trees are known for their purification, the presence of positivity they bring along, and so they are surely the perfect things to have along with you. Now before you choose which, we have got to push the idea of choosing more than just one, and when the options are so charismatic, there’s no reason to limit yourself anyway.

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