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Best 12.5KVA Diesel Generator

If you are looking for a 12.5 KVA Diesel Generator but you don’t know how 12.5 KVA Diesel Generator works. In this blog, you can find all the information about Diesel Generator. A diesel generator converts diesel energy into electrical energy throughout the mechanical process. 

Here we are sharing 12.5 kva diesel generator price list and working and its important parts information. 

Working Principle of 12.5 KVA Diesel Generators

The Diesel engines generator works the same in procedure gas engines. 

There is no fuel present within the cylinder at the start of the diesel generators compression stroke, that the ICE doesn’t have auto-ignition.


The 12.5 KVA diesel generator works on the low energy transformation. As you remember, according to this rule, “Energy can neither be produced nor destruct; it can only be converted one form to another form.” Diesel contains energy, energy is renewed in heat and is forced throughout combustion. This force is understood as the energy that helps in rotating the shaft of a diesel generator. The diesel generator engine is working in 4 rounds process and its called four-stroke of the 12.5 kVA generators engine.

A diesel engine works in four-stroke :

  1. Suction/ Intake
  2. Compression
  3. Power
  4. Exhaust


Suction or Intake Stroke

When we turn on the diesel generator engine, then the inlet valve opens, because of the valve gap, the piston moves from the middle, then enter air into the cylinder. Then the inlet valve is shut off at the top of the stroke once tolerable air is drawn with pressure.

Compression Stroke

After the suction stroke is completed, within the compression stroke the piston moves keep a compress the air. The compression causes a real heat within the engine’s cylinder. During this method, the inlet valve is closed.


Power Stroke 

The air temperature of the engine cylinder becomes high because of the compression stroke. After that, in the power stroke, the fuel is filled into the recent compressed gas, and now starts burning then observes pressure once the piston reaches the highest point. fuel Provide stops. The injection of fuel at the top of the compression stroke keeps going until the cut-off purpose. The water and exhaust valves stay closed and hot gases and compressed gases expand into the cylinder permission the piston to achieve bottom. 


Exhaust Stroke 

During the exhaust stroke, the piston moves up once and closes the valve so closing the inlet and fuel valve. The burned fuel leaves the gases because of their own growth, with the left gases being forced out from the highest of the piston through the valve. Once it includes the top of this stroke, the valve closes, and the 4 cycles is completed. and now your 12.5 KVA generator engine started properly.


Parts of a 12.5 KVA Diesel Generator & Working 

The Engine of Generator- Heart of the Generator

The =generator engine may be a supply of input energy. The range of the engine is comparable to the maximum power output that the generator will provide.   

Fuel System 

This is typically the proviso of fuel to the engine. The foremost obvious half maybe a tank with enough fuel for a minimum of 6-8 hours of operation. This tank is also within the generator housing for little or transportable units, or it’s going to be a separate external structure for larger, for goodput in units. Different components of the equipment embody pipe-work to urge fuel to the engine.

A Voltage Regulator

This part manages the output voltage of the diesel generator. This can be a really important factor for the Generator.

The Cooling system

The power flowing through the generator additionally produces heat through the resistance of the wires. A cooling system is employed within the generator to regulate this heat.

Exhaust System 

All flaming engines turn out exhaust gases. There may be removed from the engine and any near individuals. Exhaust gases are typically distributed through pipes and flow into the surface air.



At the end of my blog, I would like to say that before taking anything it is very important to know about it so that in future you can avoid all the problems and dangers of your machine.

In this blog we have tried to tell you about the 12.5 KVA Diesel generator, I hope you have understood everything. If you want to know more about generators or want to buy a generator then you can contact the EO Energy team.

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