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3 Best Alternatives to Face Time for Android3 Best Alternatives to Face Time for Android

Best Alternatives to FaceTime:- You all must know about Facetime and the Apple software that provide you with these features, but the problem lies in the fact that you can’t use the facetime app if you do not own an Apple iPhone but worry no more, as today we will tell you about the 3 Best Alternatives to FaceTime that you can install on your Android device for Free of cost and use it just like facetime, you can also download facetime on computer And they are.

Top 3 Best Alternatives to FaceTime For your Android Devices:-

1. Google Duo :-

The Google Duo is at the top of our list for Alternatives to FaceTime as we all know about the Company Google which has the most used web engine and youtube media platform over the internet, well basically there is no perfect alternative for Facetime but Google duo sure is the closest among the best Alternatives to FaceTime, as Duo is made by Google that means that this app is secured, Free to use And comes with bunch load of features so you can video call your friends, family and contacts.

Google Duo


  • Free to use.
  • Simple and easy to understand user interface.
  • Vibrant colors and Great connectivity.
  • Secured and encrypted calls.
  • And Fast servers.

2. Facebook Messenger:

Well to be very honest Video calling is not a much popular thing on Android devices as it is on Iphones but still there are apps like these who make sure to give us the most premium and great video calling experience, and so does Facebook Messenger where you can video call people and that too with filters and other features, and here you can also video call your friend list people and also the ones from your contact list, so that is what makes this app more alluring and much more fun to use and it stands at a close number 2 with Google Duo.

Facebook Messenger


  • Free to use.
  • Filters while calling.
  • safe calling
  • HD video calling
  • And more.

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3. Whatsapp Messenger:

At last but not the least comes the very known and the most popular texting and messaging app which is known as Whatsapp messenger and it is at number three in our list of Alternatives to FaceTime, The whatsapp is a great platform to chat but at the same time you can also make video calls with your contacts and enjoy group video calls up to 4 people as well, and this app is just amazing because it works even with low connectivity.

Whatsapp Messenger

Features of Whatsapp:

  • A free to use Platform.
  • Works with slow internet as well.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Can be used for Office meetings up to 4 or even for client meetings.
  • Limited to contacts but secured as well.

Conclusion on the Alternatives to FaceTime:-

There are multiple apps in the market that are alternative to Facetime but in our opinon the three apps that are listed above surely stand out as they are just amazing with their features and all of them are from trusted companies and two of them are owned by facebook that means that your content will be secure and safe and you can easily video call anyone you like.

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