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Bioshock 4

We know that 2K games are now working on a new release of the BioShock 4 game, which we expect to come out with a bang and address the next generation’s needs. There have been several rumors regarding different aspects of the game, with most of them turning out to be trusted.

The Fans are asking questions that have no definite answers yet. When will the official release be? What console will Bioshock 4 use? What new characters will they introduce? Will they retain the name Bioshock 4, or should we expect a new name? And finally, what settings should we expect with the new advanced release? From this, it’s clear that we can’t wait to play the new game just the way slot enthusiasts can’t wait to use the 20 free no deposit for their casino games. None of this information is certain yet, and all we can do is wait and see what will happen when the game arrives.

But as we wait, fans can’t avoid predicting the new setting of the game. Since previous Bioshock 4 locations have taken us to the underwater city of Rapture and the floating city of Columbia, we can’t help but anticipate an even better and brand-new setting. So, what are those awe-inspiring locations that Bioshock players will love to explore with the new release? Here are the predictions.

Bioshock in Space

With the previous games, Bioshock 4 has taken us above the clouds, and we don’t expect to come back down. We expect the next release to take us to orbit. Well, we understand that any setting in space has to rely on advanced technology, but we know that the Bioshock franchise can do it. Bioshock 4 Fans need that vibe, adrenaline rush, and awe feeling that only space can guarantee.

Bioshock Game


If we can’t go above the skies, then even the underground can. Bioshock 4’s story has the potential to bring out those dark caves in a sexy and imaginative way. We’ve already seen them exploring the art-deco, neon-lights, and steampunk in previous games. We’re convinced that they can use more advanced features for the claustrophobic tunnels and the expansive caverns associated with the underground world.

Characters could drill new tunnels, and players use darkness to hide. All these features could be perfect for those looking forward to the play style. The underground location will indeed be one of the best settings of the Bioshock game.


The Waterworld Bioshock location can bring out a fantastic floating location with ships, boats, and rafts creating the perfect scenery. The new Bioshock game could bring this out perfectly, with players having to deal with fierce weather and predator attacks such as sharks. The amazing location could also feature freight ships, titanic-inspired passenger lines, and wooden pirate ships that players get to explore. This would be a bizarre world with all kinds of vessels and predators.

What do you think? Should Bioshock retain the return to Rapture or Columbia? If not, which of the suggested locations above will you prefer? We’d love to see your answers in the comment section.

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