4 Feng Shui 2021 Tips for Your Home Office

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4 Feng Shui 2021 Tips for Your Home Office

Working from home became the trend in 2020 due to COVID-19. While some offices resumed their normal operations, many professionals still prefer working from home. By telecommuting, people avoid the risk of contracting the coronavirus but they can still continue to be productive.

While COVID-19 may still be present, 2021 offers new chances for you to remain focused on your work while still experiencing zen and good luck. These four tips provided by Feng Shui experts may guide you to the path towards abundance, success, and relaxation.

Place a Money Tree on Your Desk

Money plants are staple elements for many Feng Shui experts and believers. They come in various shapes and sizes and are low maintenance, making them perfect for busy individuals. But if you are looking for a money plant with no upkeep, get an amethyst quartz gemstone money tree instead. Put these on your desk to attract positive energy that may help you get that promotion you’ve been expecting.

Choose the Right Colors

For 2021, the lucky colors for your home office are beige, sand, light gray, and pale yellow. These colors offer a relaxing ambiance suitable for productivity, balance, and refreshment while you work. Not only are these colors trendy, but they also work with most interior designs, whether contemporary or classical. For example, residents of Sentosa in Calamba may use furniture and decoration pieces with these shades to complement the units’ walls and hardwood floors.

Clean Up Your Desk

Decluttering and tidying up might be part of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2021. Start with cleaning up your home office desk. Throw away anything that isn’t functional anymore, such as broken appliances or office supplies. Dispose of drink cans and bottles to clear up space to store new office items and have more room to work. Wash your glasses and coffee cups as they may attract ants and other pests to your home office desk. Tidying up your work desk will jumpstart your day for productivity and focus. A cluttered workspace may cause you stress and invite negative vibes into your life.

Especially now that there is a pandemic, sanitizing your desk is particularly important. Do this before and after every use, and especially when you or someone else at home came from outside the house. Wet the surfaces with a little bit of alcohol, wipe with a clean towel, and air dry.

Tidy Up Your Drawers and Cabinets

Besides your desk, tidy up your drawers and cabinets. Dispose of invalid files, post-its, and notes to make room for new ones. Avoid leaving stacks of printed documents on your desk and floor as they may collect dust, cause accidents, and attract bad energy. You want your home office to be clean, organized, and a den of balance, focus, success, and relaxation. When in doubt, use the Marie Kondo way of tidying up: ask yourself if an item sparks joy or if it’s essential to your life.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic still looms, 2021 is a year for new opportunities for growth and success. Take note of these four Feng Shui tips in decorating and cleaning your home office. They may aid you in your road to abundance, success, and wealth this year and beyond.

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