4 Unique, yet Bizarre Business Ideas that are Strangely Lucrative!

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4 Unique, yet Bizarre Business Ideas that are Strangely Lucrative

Our world has about 7.5 billion people living in it, and 7.5 billion of them are different. So, it comes as no surprise that all of them would think differently, with varying aims and aspirations.

What may seem fair to one may seem unfair to the other.

What may seem enthralling to one may seem boring to the other.

Similarly, what may seem like a revolutionary business idea to one may seem bizarre to the other.

Since no two humans are alike in this world, such differences are acceptable.

I personally believe our different thoughts and beliefs bring the real spice in our lives. If all of us were utterly same, we would not have had this much fun.

Continuing on the subject of fun, I want to tell you about four of the most peculiar businesses in the world that are unimaginable for some of us, yet they are operational and profitable.

Their strangeness is so astounding that a third person would assume that the owners would be drowning in installment loans, but they aren’t. How? I am not sure.

Let us find out if you think like me as well.

The Diggers

When I came across the diggers, I knew I would be writing something about them. And you would be surprised to know that digging isn’t limited to just one family or business.

So, this is a business that digs. You must have understood that already. But what you must not have got the reference is that they find valuable things and artifacts that can be sold for thousands through their excavations.

These types of businesses are so famous that there have two different television series based on them;

One was called the American Digger that followed the journey of the Savage family telecasted on Spike;

And the second is called Diggers, this one focused on expeditions of two friends, George Wyant and Tim Saylor, telecasted on National Geographic.

I have watched both of these, and they are truly mind-boggling. You will not believe the things are buried under the land we live in.

One of these two went on looking for the fossil of a Megalodon, which is a shark. Did they find it? Watch the show to find out.

The Scavengers

Scavenger is a word that is usually used for animals. These are the animals, which feast on the hunts of other predators. Vultures, eagles and even hyenas are examples of this class of animals.

You would be astonished to believe that in the present times when development is at its pinnacle, there are people who work as scavengers.

They may not eat other people’s kills, but they do collect other people’s waste. That is why they are given the name “waste pickers.”

This kind of business usually operates in developing and under-developed nations. India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Lebanon and various African countries are the operational base for this business.

You might not find any waster picker in Britain. But that does not mean that they do not benefit society.

The scavengers are responsible for doing more than half the job of the municipalities and save a lot of money for them. The entire economy benefits from them, and they also earn a means of living, when there isn’t any other suitable job for them.

The Professional Companions

When I was researching about the strangest jobs and landed on this one, trust me, I was in for a shock. I was aware that something like this happened, but I never thought it was a lucrative business.

In such kind of commercial activity, a man or a woman are asked to become the companion of a high-profile person, who needs a date for an evening.

Celebrities and business moguls often attend a lot of parties and gala, and going to these events alone can be equally tedious and awkward.

So, they find a solution. They hire a professional boyfriend or girlfriend for that evening, both of them enjoy each other’s company during the event, and once that is over, both go their separate ways.

One avoids being solo and uncomfortable, while the other gets good food, drinks and a paycheque.

If you think that this is similar to prostitution, let me tell you it isn’t. There are no promises of sexual favours in an arrangement like, although I am still uncertain whether this is legal or not.

The Tik Tokers

I saved the best for the last. If you are a social bird and even if you aren’t, still you would have heard of Tik Tok. It is over 1.5 billion downloads, so I am sure you must have.

It is a social media platform that allows the user to make short clips of themselves, usually dancing, lip-syncing, and cracking jokes.

It will help if you think there isn’t anything strange about it. Yes, there is. It might seem similar to YouTube. However, it is not.

YouTube Promotes creativity, while Tik Tok is all about impersonation. You act like someone else, your voice, your dance moves, and even your gait impersonates somebody else.

And by doing this, people are earning bucket loads of money.

The highest-earning tik toker is Charli D’Amelio, who is paid anywhere between 40,000 to 50,000 USD for a single upload. His 52 million subscribers warrant that.

I don’t understand why our parents and teachers preached about human individuality when being someone else can bring you laurels.

Winding Up

I will tell you that there hundreds of equally bizarre businesses that are more profitable than your local supermarket. These range from edible shoes to doll doctors to lawn mowing goats and rented chickens.

I like to think that these business ideas work only because of their uniqueness. Strange things sell today because normal has become boring.

In the end, I want to tell you the hundredth thing since you started reading this. And it is the fact that if you have a business idea on your plate and you think that it will work.

Then even if your family and friends feel that it is strange, weird and has no chance of working, you should leap of faith and try it out.

You will never know what can be the true potential of something unless you try it out for yourself.

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