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Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charger

When it comes to wireless chargers there are many different types of these chargers on the market that can be used to charge your Android device that is compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Now more than ever, wireless charging has become fashionable, Apple decided that in 2017 they would introduce wireless charging to their iPhone 8 and iPhone X models although this is a technology that has been running on Android for years.

If you have been bitten by the bug of this wireless charging technology, you are in luck, because we bring the best wireless chargers for your Android, at a very competitive price.

Cheap wireless chargers for your Android

Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charger

One of the features that Nokia strived to include in its their Lumia devices was wireless charging and this helped sell Luminas. There are several wireless charging standards, but Nokia opted for the standard called Qi. It was not only Nokia who used it, as there is a group of companies that support it, including Samsung, and several of its devices also come with this charging standard, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and now Apple.

To perform wireless charging there are several chargers from Nokia with a wide price range, but not all with the same characteristics. We recommend the charger from Nokia, whose product code is DT-910.

In addition to it being a charger it also has NFC functionality to be able to open the application we want by simply bringing the phone closer. And even though this is a charger distributed by Nokia, it is compatible with devices of that brand, but it will also work with other devices that are Qi compatible, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and others.

Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charger

Ugreen Wireless Chargers

The Ugreen wireless charger is compatible with fast charging technologies, with an output of up to 10W. When the mobile is fully charged, this charger turns off, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Its price is very good value, and is matched by its performance.

UGREEN Qi Wireless 10W Fast Charger (30570)

Seneo Wireless Chargers

Seneo offers us a wireless charger with a more elegant design. In this case, the phone is supported on a dock or stand that allows you to have the mobile in a vertical position, and use it with more comfort. When it is fully charged, the LED will change from blue to green, but it will not go out, so you will have to unplug it. However, for design and comfort, it is a great option.

Seneo Wireless (Fast) Smartphone Charger

Campad Electronics Wireless Chargers

Finally, we bring you one of the best wireless chargers. In this case, we have a modest 1 Amp output, but the charging is just as fast as some of the other options. This charger from Campad Electronics for its price is an excellent option, and it has the necessary safety measures so that the device does not overload in the charging process.

Campad Electronics Wireless Charger

Xiaomi Wireless Mobile Charger

Xiaomi, which has announced that users can disable MIUI advertising with a simple switch, continues to work on their new smartphones. After the launch of the new Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro, it has now shown that the Chinese firm’s devices could be the first brand to take less time to charge a mobile wirelessly than with a cable.

Xiaomi Wireless Mobile Charger

On September 9 2019, Xiaomi announced its new wireless charging, which will be faster than traditional cable charging, this is known as Mi Charge Turbo is a wireless charging technology designed for the 5G era, says the company. Wang Teng Thomas, one of the directors of the Chinese company, has confirmed on Weibo, well-known Asian social network, that the new wireless charging of the firm will exceed the charging power in relation to the traditional method of charging via cable.

Wang Teng Thomas has shared in his profile a photograph in which you could see a graph comparing the power of both wireless and cable charging. In aquamarine color you can see the progression the cable has had over time, and in an orange colour you can see the progression of wireless charging. The result, the latter would take less time to charge a smartphone.

Represented as of September 9, the graph shows that the wireless charging power has exceeded cable charging. Wang Teng Thomas himself has confirmed that it will be just that day when the Chinese company officially presents its new fast charge, which is much more powerful than the 20W that currently exists.

A fast charge that would reach at least 30W. Meanwhile, if you want learn all the details of the new Xiaomi wireless charging, in addition to the first smartphone to incorporate such a feature that is faster than the cable, check their official website.

As you can see, wireless chargers are not expensive, so do not hesitate to give this technology a chance if your device is compatible. Forgetting the cables is the future, and we are sure that once you get used to it, you will not be able to charge your phone in any other way.

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