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Are you wondering how people cut those short clips from videos to make a meme? Do you need knowledge of professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro? Well, it isn’t as challenging as it looks. Forget just cutting videos, you can merge, crop, beautify, add a score and do so much more without adding software to your laptop.

Instead, you would just need to add an online Chrome extension or simply log on to a website to edit videos. We have compiled a list that contains user friendly and fast functioning apps through which you can cut  a Youtube video online with ease.

Of course, since these apps are available online for free, they’d have limited features and you’d have to download the corresponding app for pro-level editing. But as far as social media and basic video editing go, these apps are perfectly tailored to suit your video editing needs.


Hashcut is an online video editing app that specializes in cutting YouTube videos on the go. It has a Chrome extension that can let you instantly cut a YouTube video online and share them on your page or use them as a meme.

The website is excellent for beginners as it allows you to easily set start and stop points. You can also add your preferred text and stickers to the video for it to serve your purpose with this. You can also make an aesthetic highlight reel by merging various clips effortlessly.

Sharing on social media is like a breeze with this app as you just edit and directly share with your friends through the extension or the website.


Kapwing is another online video maker that helps create GIFs and edit videos on the go. It is like a full-fledged editing app as you get a host of options like adding audio, subtitles, resizing the image, and sharing files all in a single platform.

You can also collaborate with your editors by sharing a link with them just like it happens on Google Docs. You will also find various templates within the app but you can only access all the features after getting the paid premium version.


Animoto is a New York-based mobile and desktop online video maker that lets you merge images, clips and more and create a slideshow. They even let you cut a YouTube video online. The website also offers cloud computing services with an enviable collection of video styles and music libraries. 


Another reputable video maker, Magisto allows you to view the analytics of your created videos apart from basic editing and sharing! The website has also partnered with iStock and offers a great range of stock photos and videos for you to add in your edits. As a result, you can effortlessly create professional as well as personal videos with this website.


Biteable is easily one of the most effortless websites that let you edit videos in quick time. It contains more than 800,000 real-life stock clips at no cost! You can also select a template and choose between various purposes like Instagram Reel, animated video, ad video, product demo and more to get the required guidance.

You can also add your logo and adjust the contrasts, colours and more for the video to suit your brand and message.


Another website that offers a huge variety of animated clips to add between your video. You will get to select from their variety of texts, overlays, templates and more. The website also offers a huge range of music, animations and templates to create a unique video in quick time. You can add a variety of effects, voiceover, watermarks, and more using the app.

Now that you have gone through the list of best apps, let’s look at the right way to edit and share a video. You must understand the purpose of editing the video which can help engage traffic, build an audience and ensure that your message is understood by a large audience. 

Using Videos To Send a Message as a Business

  • Understanding your target audience

Creating videos without understanding your target audience will reduce its effectiveness by multiple folds. You need to know whether your brand caters to middle-aged men, young women and so on. Different kinds of content appeal to a different audience and hence understanding your target audience is mandatory to make engaging content.

  • Emphasise on the length

If you are making videos for social media, it is essential to emphasise on your video’s length. It shouldn’t be too long or people may skip before getting the message. Making it too short can reduce its impact as people might forget it quickly. Anything between 15 seconds for a story and a minute or two for a post is ideal.

You should not also forget the call to action at the end of your video so that your message is clear to the viewer and he knows what to do next.

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