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Having a Website is a race among leaders, who did well, Win Big. If you’re are on verge of introducing a new business or finding more leads for an existing business, website design is a big deal you should regret making mistakes. Almost every business needs an online presence to establish a relationship with customers by a strong base of credibility. If you want your website to perform well you should ensure it contains all features customers required like user-friendly navigation, catchy headlines, and elegant designs.

To have one such model website offering all these above benefits, you should ensure avoided mistakes that businesses do while creating website designs. In this writing, we will see the basic mistakes people do while creating a brand new website. Let’s begin with a group of questions you should keep in mind while focusing on designing a website:
web design firm
• What are your location and your target audience?
• What purpose do you want to serve with the website?
• How do you want to drive traffic to your website?
• Is your website linked with Social Media?
• Who in your team going to update things on the website?
• The time you invest in creating a website?

If the Mississauga Web Design team is in your top list, consider a few facts that you should aware of the initial phase so that you will be able to avoid big blunders. In another case, if you are bearing a website and you want to acquire what mistakes your existing website design committing and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Layouts, Colors, and Navigation:
Website means to give the viewer a perfect online map to search your services, to know about your company, and relationships with clients you already worked with. Years of serving in a niche industry, mastering your competitors create a clear picture only through your website. Generating leads, converting into money, etc. everything serves the motive of creating a good website. These factors show how the quality website is important to serve the purpose of being online. Hence good designs, colors, and layouts should be the main focus to attract customers.
2. Call to Action is not mentioned:
Call to Action is considered the most important part of your website. In case, you miss the opportunity to call the customer to stay on your website and follow the services, you might have missed the basic purpose of introducing a website online.
Call to Action is part of Attention that helps to push your visitor to search more and compel to use your services. It should contain a link or button to contact us page so that they make the mind and instantly contact you via email or contact form.
In this context, while Call to Action, you must add the value of your services in favor of the customer. Pleasing phrase with the perfect color combination can do magic Like:

• Sign up Now
• Get in Touch
• Start from Here
• Only for you
• Add to Bag

3. Lack of Search Engine optimization:
For a user-friendly website, Lack of SEO is the next major mistake most of the business commit. With SEO friendly designs and optimized content, you cannot keep things according to Google and Bing (web browsers). Keywords, Meta tags, Schema, website speed, etc. are some that people put in ignored list affecting ranking.

4. Absence of NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number)
Absence of Name, correct address, and valid phone number also create an issue while navigating your website. Suppose your website is about Spa center or any office imparting services in-house and your customer wishes to visit your place. But in the absence of exact address and an invalid phone number impact your leads giving bad feedback and rejecting your website to search for a more reliable website.

5. Miss out the Mobile experience:
Last but not the least, 95% of the population is using Mobile phones for accessing the internet. In the absence of a mobile version of your website, your website will not load on different screens of cell phones creating the issue of designs and layout. Hence, there will be no satisfied visitors who choose you after being obsolete in creating a new version of the website. So, don’t miss this part of the information.


Unfortunately, for every business owner knowing and practicing these above-written points is not feasible. So, be confident in hiring a team of experts like https://www.oakmedia.ca/ who know every pitch for work and know how to make a success out of websites.

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