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5 Essential Elements For dog boarding chiang mai

How do I determineifPet BoardingorPet Day Careisthe right choicefor me?

  • I’min search of acage-freepet-friendly environment.

  • I’mlooking foran affordable, personal carefor mypet

  • My pet isaffectionateand lovesto playwith other pets.

  • I’mlooking for a safe, loving alternative topet hotel

  • I have a senior pet thathas specialrequirements

  • I’m a working momandI want someonetolook aftermydogwhen I’m working.

If you have toleave or work forat a long time, don’t be concernedthat your furry friend isat home. Have you everthought”Is there a dog boarding chiang mai that can help?”.Luckily, withPetBacker you will be able tolocate a reliable and localdog boardingservices fromChiang Mai.

We atPetBacker, we areour own dog-lovers, so we understandhow stressful it can betocontemplatewhere your dog will staywhen you’reoutin the middle of town.Kennels for dogs that are boarding mightnotbe the bestchoice because they couldbeinaccessible, overcrowded and ineffective for managingthe individual needs of your dog.

Thankfully,PetBackerhelps you find apet sitterChiang Mai easy and stress free.The pet sitters we recommendgo through a strict verificationprocess . If they offerdog boarding, they alsoneed to provide picturesof theirhomesin order tosee where your dog willbeliving in the home.Every sitter is scrutinized individuallywithour trust andsafetyteam. They also havetestimonials from pet parents ontheirprofile.In addition you can be confidentthatthey will cherishyourdog justlike you do during yourdog’s stay at the boarding facility.

Theadvantages of havingthe services of aPetBackersitter , is the fact thatyourdogis able to stay in a settingthat is similar to the one you offerat home and will getplenty of attention and cuddles.On top of that our staff of friendlyChiang Mai dog boarding sitters areextremely flexible and willhappily follow any routines,specific instructions or needsyour dog might need. This isvitalfor dogs because they maybe a little uneasywhen they are away from theirhomeat first so having a regularroutine anda familiar environment(likeanother homeinChiang Mai) will make thedog’s boarding experienceenjoyablefor them.

If yourdog is a couch potatoandwould prefer to bein the house all day long, yourChiang Mai PetBackerwillbe happy to pamper them with plentyof belly rubsthroughout theirdog’s boarding.Ifyourdogis more activeandlikestogo on daily walksandchase a ball,your pet sitter willaccommodate that as well!Think of dog boarding withanPetBackercaretaker as a chancefor yourdog’s to enjoytheir own vacation.

PetBacker sitters have a reasonablerate which includes daily updates, unlimited cuddles and playtime.That means that you don’t havetoworry about the priceorthe cost of thoseservices. Thismeans that our dog boarding service isanaffordable alternative to traditional dogboarders who canbe chargedfor everyrequest.

Furthermore, you cantravel withoutanxiety as all dog boardingbookings onPetBacker arecoveredby our premium insurance andour 24/7 customer support service. Thisprovides you and yourcaregiver peace of mind forthe entireduration of the dog boarding reservation.

Our PetBackersitters are frommany differentbackgrounds and many are professionalsin the field of pet carethemselves.Pet sittersrange from vets and nurses, to dog trainers andrescue volunteers. Withthis wide arrayofexpertise, you are sure tofind a pet sitter who willbe able to meet the needs of your dog.

Do youpassionfordogs and a placeto be a part of?What about becomingan animal sitter forPetBackeratChiang Mai and offering dogBoarding options for yourself? Weprovide 24-hour customer support as well as insurance. You also getthebenefit offlexibility. Youcan choosethe time and amount of dogtime you wishtoget. Theapplication process is straightforwardandwe arealwayssearching for new sitters to join our team inChiang Mai to be a part of the PetBacker team.

Pet ownerscan bookDog Boarding in Chiang MaithroughPetBacker.Over 12 pet owners fromChiang Mai have left a review,and havean averageof4.9/5.It is possible to pay withPayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whypet owners book viaPetBackerand notPet Hotels or freelance pet sitters?
    PetBackerlocated inChiang Mai provides a cagefree environment toyour pet. It is a pet-friendly facilitytogether with payment protection,assistance with insurance and customer serviceto ensurethat yourpet iswelltaken care of and is safe. We alsoassure their credibilitybyrequiring them to submittheiridentification before they areapproved.Additional pet features include momentstoreceive photo or videoupdatesand dog walk monitoringtoensure your dog iswalking around the neighborhood. If youdecide to continue bookingthroughthe Pet SitterviaPetBackeryou’ll getdiscounts onbookings in the futureand also helpthe Pet Sittergain more repeatclient statistics. What is PetBacker?
    PetBacker is atop multi-nationalpetbusiness withan international presence that spans 50 countriesfor petloversto share theirpassion forpetsand to hire trustedPetSitters withthousands of nights of stayed.Pets staying withPetBacker areprotectedby insurance , withthe best support teamwith you.

  • Who are thebestPet Sitters in Chiang Mai?
    Recommendedpet sitterson PetBacker arereviewedfrom the public.Click the link to viewthe cost and reviewsfor a few of thePet Sitters in Chiang Maiincluding yngythththth, Maggie, Harley&.Make a reservation throughPetBackerto ensure security andthe insurance for injuries to pets is free.

  • Whatis the Dog WalkerMonitoring feature?
    This featureallows you totrack your dog’s activitiesfor walks in real timein a map. It also showshowoftenyour dog haspeedor peed, to ensure it’shaving a great time outdoors.

Why is paying viaPetBackerbetter thanpayment directly throughPet Sitter?
When you pay throughPetBacker yourpayment is secureandwill only begiventowardsPet Sitters when the jobhas been completed successfully.The refund can alsobegiven if the workwas not finished in a satisfactory mannerand is not approved by yourPet Sitter.

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