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The application of machine learning in business intelligence is quite well known. Companies have been amassing data and applying analytics strategies to make the most of that data. They have tried to conduct behavioral analysis to understand what the customer wants to buy; they have run tonnes of data through machine learning algorithms to find patterns in their purchase history, their searches and even their social media feeds. In some cases it has worked and in many more it has not. 

It is the need of the businesses that has really brought data science and machine learning out of the academic closet. And now there are a number of initiatives around the world to change the world for the better with these technological marvels. Let us take a look at five such Indian companies that have the intentions to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make the world more inhabitable.

Blue Sky Analytics and predictive environmental intelligence

They work with the belief that this is the time for climate action – the time to put a leash on climate change by conducting ourselves better. They use state of the art technologies to provide historical, present  as well as predictive information on the environment. They also monitor air quality for their clients. This is an important role because understanding the climate is the first step towards taking care of it.

NIRAMAI with their non-invasive breast cancer detection

A fair portion of the fatalities due to breast cancer occur because of late detection. This Bengaluru based startup uses machine intelligence to conduct no-touch, no-radiation, tests for early detection of cancer.  

Marut Drones rescuing lakes lost to infestation

This is the first Indian startup to use AI driven drones to banish mosquitoes and water hyacinth from the lakes of India. It uses real time data analysis to report on mosquito density and to set a priority. Then the drones spread repellents on the lakes which are infested by mosquitoes and hyacinth. 

Staqu to find criminals

This app uses facial recognition to find wanted criminals. The law enforcement officials can click a picture of the suspect and upload it on the app itself. The application then starts pulling in relevant data. This is being used by the Indian Army as well as the states of Punjab and Telengana among others.

KrishiHub to redress the suffering of farmers

Agriculture comprises 18% of India’s gross domestic product and more importantly it feeds us and some other countries too, India being the largest producer of milk, spices, and pulses. However, the farmers succumb to bad faith and worse infrastructure every year with events like droughts and floods, and issues like loss of products in transit and fraudulent middlemen. 

KrishiHub creates a platform where the farmers can directly sell their goods to restaurants, hotels, and canteens. The application also provides AI based counselling for farmers.

If you are someone with a passion for solving problems of the world as well as for computer science, start looking for artificial intelligence and machine learning courses.

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