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Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads: how to attract new customers with advertisements

When we have a website, e-commerce or blog, one of our main goals is to bring our audience to our page. The main strategies to achieve this are SEO optimization and SEM advertising.

For the latter goal, one of the most useful tools is undoubtedly Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords ).

The use of Ads allows you to insert advertisements of different types, from textual ones to banners to videos. Depending on the needs of those who use this service, the ads may appear at the top, dedicated to sponsored links, by Google or other search engines, in other websites that join the Adsense Network, or within YouTube videos. .

Google Ads campaigns

What is the cost of this service? Google Ads is based on the so-called “Pay Per Click campaigns “(PPC). For each click made by a user on the advertisement, the expected quota will be scaled. It is, therefore, a limited investment that allows you to increase the visibility of your site, also increasing the revenue on your pages.

How to use Google Ads?

As you will have understood, Google Ads is a very useful tool to increase the profiled traffic to your website or blog . Obviously, in order to take advantage of all the advantages, you need to know the best way to take advantage of the possibilities it offers. Here are some tips for making the best use of Google Ads:

Plan your ads

Depending on your target and the product sold, your ads don’t have the same success at any time of the day or week. For this reason, when you start using Google Ads, carefully analyze what are the periods in which you get more traffic . In this way, you can invest in a targeted manner and choose to have your advertisements appear in the most useful hours and days.

Set the location

Extending your ads to the whole country, if not the whole world, is counterproductive if you aim to capture the attention above all of a target in a specific area. Google Ads allows you to choose specific areas such as cities, provinces, regions or locations close to a specific address.

Take advantage of extensions


Don’t forget that your advertisement can be equipped with so-called “extensions “. These are extra parts that can show other information about your business such as location, phone number, site links, etc.

 Monitor your search terms

Google Ads has a fundamental tool not only to make your advertisements work better but also for SEO optimization: search terms. Inside the platform, in fact, it is possible to know which keywords (keywords) typed by users have allowed your ads to appear and, consequently, improve the choice of keywords.

Enter negative keywords

It is a very interesting tool. It is possible to insert the so-called negative ( or negative) keywords , that is, a series of words that we do not want to be associated with our product. In this way, we will avoid appearing in searches of users who do not really concern the products and services that we are offering.

Mistakes to avoid on Google Ads

If on the one hand it is essential to follow the previous advice in order to take advantage of your work on Google Ads campaigns and to attract more customers, on the other hand it is also essential to avoid a series of errors. In fact, incorrectly using this tool can make us lose a wide range of benefits and therefore we will not be able to take advantage of the traffic of users that we aim to have.

What are the mistakes to avoid when using Google Ads campaigns? Here are the main ones:

Bring users to the Homepage

Many use users’ clicks on the banner or advertisement to bring them to the homepage of their site. Although it sounds like an obvious choice, it’s actually not the correct one at all. On the Homepage, in fact, it is easy for users to lose interest because they will find themselves in front of a page with many inputs. For this, we recommend using a suitable landing page . It is preferable, in fact, that users are directed to a page that can quickly and easily give them the information about the product they are looking for and that you are offering.

Do not use Google Ads in conjunction with Google Analytics

If you don’t want to waste the advantages offered by Google tools, you cannot forget to use Google Ads in combination with Google Analytics . By adding your Ads account on Analitycs, in fact, you will have the opportunity to analyze in a much more detailed way how your users behave within your website.

 Don’t analyze conversions

When we decide to use Google Ads and place advertisements on our website, in addition to increasing traffic, our goal is for users to perform certain actions like a purchase. For this, it is essential to set up and activate conversion tracking. This function, in fact, allows us to really know the level of success of our advertising campaign.

Conversions are all the same

Although conversions are of fundamental importance, it is essential to analyze them in terms of micro and macro. The macro conversions are those that lead to a sale (lead), ie financial gain. The micro conversions are actions rather important but do not require an immediate economic gain (newsletter subscription, social sharing, etc.). In this way, you will have a clearer picture of your advertising campaign with Ads.

Don’t take a look at the ‘Preview’ feature

Google Ads offers a very simple function which is that of the preview. Thanks to this option, together with the ad diagnosis option, you can view your advertisements by filtering, for example, through a keyword or a language. This tool is much more effective than a normal Google search which may show false results.

Although Google Ads is a very effective tool, if we are not experts in digital marketing or do not have the basics for creating advertising and SEO NYC campaigns, probably the best option will be to ask for help . Google Ads, in fact, can be quite difficult if it is not used with a minimum of industry knowledge, but above all a well-made campaign will save you money, time and allow you to get more conversions.

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