5 Proven Social Media Tactics Of 2020

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5 proven social media tactics of 2020

As per the latest statistics, around 3.8 billion online users are found active on different social media platforms. It has been analyzed that the rate of increase in 2020 is 9% as that of the previous year.

Don’t you think, social media platforms are opening multiple doors for you with robust business opportunities? Definitely, yes. If you are intelligent enough in using the marketing features of different social media marketing platforms, you will never miss out on a win-win situation.

Maybe hiring a social media marketing agency in Delhi or of any other region can help you build your channel.

5 Result-driven social media techniques that help your business in 2020

  1. Social media contests are in trend: Recently social media contests are trending with high speed. You must have stumbled upon one or two such digital contests on Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps on Instagram. These contests are rapidly getting popular due to its brilliant way of gaining customer interest and increasing potential clients.Social media contests help you to build brand awareness, grow your contact list, get to understand your customer insight, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. Choose the popular social media platforms and run a contest awarding your visitors or customers.
  2. Videos build connections: Videos are the upcoming marketing partner for the businesses. Both Facebook and Instagram allow users to upload short and long videos with highly engaging content and captivating clips. However, that’s a different issue that viewers prefer to choose short videos over long lengthy, and tiring videos.On Instagram, you can prefer uploading videos on IGTV with proper hashtags. Making the videos public you can attain more likes, more comments, more followers, more subscribers, and in the end, more potential customers.

    Videos on TikTok are getting much more familiar nowadays. You can choose this engaging platform to create more engagement.

  3. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are now becoming older: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are now becoming older but not obsolete. There are multiple other channels beyond these.With the introduction of LinkedIn, TikTok, and many other newly launched social media marketing products, marketing has become much more convenient.

    LinkedIn is a channel for professionals. It allows users to share business-related information and updates and make endless connections. Features like banners, CTAs have added extra value to this platform.

    Likewise, the TikTok and Pinterest algorithm to reach out to a multitude of users have opened a new door for the marketers. The former is very popular for building videos while the latter is a great platform for showcasing brand images.

    Using these marketing channels parallelly with the older social media channels is always a smarter move.

  4. Make use of social media plugins: Have you heard of social media plugins? Social plugins are the most innovative way to improve the engagement level. Some effective plugins are Facebook Share API, AddThis, Blog2Social, etc. These plugins are used to share content and different other posts on different social media platforms, directly from the website.How does it work?
    Perhaps you have come across such websites where you are asked to share the content on the website to different social media options like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and so on. This works due to the installation of plugins. It creates maximum user engagement by encouraging the connections to perform any sort of marketing activity.
  5. Connect with your audience with live video sessions: Saying “no” to live video session is definitely a bad idea when you are thinking about social media marketing. Live video allows you to make multiple connections, driving the attention of a huge audience online.Both Facebook and Instagram offer live video chat with your friends and followers. This enables the brand to create high reliability, establish a strong customer-business relationship, and learn more about the customer demands.

    It is proven that social media active users spend 20% more time on live video chat than they spend on scrolling the timeline and having a conversation with their friends. Though pre-recorded videos also offer a brand value, live chats make a direct connection with the audience.

    You can use this live chat to learn about your audience, their feedback regarding your products and services, talk to them about what they want, and can even use to promote something new.

Social media is a comprehensive platform for marketers to reach out to a wide audience and brand their business worldwide. However, without an effective social media marketing strategy and proper techniques it is hard to achieve the shine.

Reach out to a professional white label digital marketing agency which is specialized in offering social media marketing services. The marketing experts are well-versed regarding the latest trends and strategies.

Say “yes” to them and promote your business on multiple channels.

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