5 Simple Techniques For social listening agency

5 Simple Techniques For social listening agency

Four reasons agencies should consider usingsocial listening

2020isan eventful year for change.Increasingly, the brandsweall know and loveare beingcalled uponfor a more importantrole in shaping the worldthat welive in.

As never before,agenciesrequire a better methodto listen.Inourmost recent report on industry trends,agencies that use social mediawill help their clients to creategreater value, comprehendtheirmarkets, and createmore compellingwork.Conversely, those who choosetonot use itarelimited to thetraditional heuristics and intuitionby themselves.

Are you stillnot convinced?Here are four good reasons why youragencyshould be investing in social listeningright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Inthis hyper-connected age, brands need tobesensitive to their customers their needs, objectives,and even their own opinions.

Themost popular topicofthe digital marketing agency report wasthe interplaybetweenbrands and consumer insight.Consumers are expressing their concerns about the issues thatagenciesare in a position to address and aremoreassertive than they have ever been.

Conversation Clustersisa simple datavisualization toolthat can help youimmediately discover, comprehend,andvisualise the context surroundingany subject at aglance.

Armed with social listeningdata, agencies are able to helptheirclients to creategreater, more meaningful relationshipswith their clients.

Social listeningcan help agencies discoverfacts that givethem anadvantage.This could be asolution toa problem inan overlooked demographic, or a new angleon a product forthe pitch of an idea.

For one agency this was a creativeresponse to the lockdown phenomenon.Utilizing the hugepopularity of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneamong the most influentialcollaborations ofthisyear.for five weeks, game playerswere ableto exchange their turnipsone ofgames most valuable itemsin real food donations(aamount of around $25,000).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.


Prior to the advent ofsocial media, the majority of advertisersand communication agencies relied uponnumbers from the bottom line, such as sales,to determine the successfor their marketing campaigns.While there’s nothing fundamentallywrong with it,it’s a bitofa blunt instrument.

The present demandsmore precise ways to modelandcapture the valuetheyoffertheir clients.Paying attention to social mediacan give your agency greatercontrolover the campaigns of clients,that can provide instant feedback across multiplesources.It allows you to segment or stratify your efforts and prioritizechannels thatoffer themost relevant information needed.

Forinstance, you can geta high-level viewof the effects of acampaign, hashtag,orother talking point that includesan engagementindicator likepotential reach.After that, you canexamine the details.The ability to focuson important data streamsthat come fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusa host ofoffline sources)provides a completeunderstanding of what customers thinkabout your brand, and also your creativity.

Knowingwho’s saying what and -crucially – howtheyperceive your customers,with the help of a software like”sensitivity analysis,” isa wonderfulexample of how the effective useofsocial listening to feedbackcan help organizations stay ahead of the curve.Our study on industry research founda clear relationship between thepositive response to an adcampaign – Nike’s “You Can’tStop Us’ commercial -as well as the feelings of the agencywhich created it, as aninstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticscan help you recognizeconnections between topics, givingan effective visual methodtorepresent important relationships.

3. Crisis management

The voice of the consumer is louderthanthey have ever been.In addition, their voiceis heard all over the world,inreal time.

As you’d expect,crisis management is a hugeelement of social listening.Agents who spot problems astheyhappen have an advantageover theirrivals.Additionally, they will be able tosecure their clients more effectively.

An effective strategy of social listeningaids organizations in arange of different crisis management scenarios.The complaints of defective products can becomeinstant conversations that solve problems or gather information toimprove negative feelings.In the wake of a sudden change in opinion, thingscan be managed.Feedback from poorly received creative isan aid to adapt toor, insevere cases choose a different path.

In the end, social listening can helpagenciesbecome guardians forbrands theyworkwith. Ithelps keep clients informedabout any problems they mayhave missed , and gives thenecessary information to makean appropriate and well-informedresponsein a collaborative manner.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our report on the industry of agency exploredthemarket’s challengesin 2020.In the wake of the pandemic that plunges worldeconomies intouncertainty, agencies are increasinglycoming up with new methods to innovateandsucceed. Competitive intelligence isjust one ofthem. Inessence, social listening hong kong allows you togain insight into the most importantconversationspeople don’t talk aboutyou.

Yourcompetition hasdifferent strategies and methodsto achieve success.Likeyou, they’veput inthe time and resources to create them.With social listening, agenciescan be a part of the conversationabout the factors that makeother brands are successful:

  • What’s the driving force behind the successof aparticularcampaign?

  • How can brands leveragespecific media to makethemostimpact?

  • What are you comparing yourselfwith the rest of the world?

With a well-designedsocial listeningplatform the competitive intelligence of your customers can beintegrated seamlessly into your go-to-marketstrategy. Without it, your agencyis forced to take actionwithout all the data neededin navigating an ever-changingworld.IfDarwingave us any lessons, it’s that only thoseorganisms that are able to adaptare able to survive.

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