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Innovative methods highlight student-oriented interactive learning styles. New learning methods such as psychodrama and sociodrama in language learning are becoming widespread in the world. The differences in individual learning perception have been expressed as an important point in foreign language education in recent years. It is said that everyone’s perception of learning can be different. Foreign language training for individuals gives much better results. However, there are also language learning techniques that everyone can benefit from.

We have listed 5 techniques that have an important impact on language learning:

The Natural Approach:

This method developed by Stephen Krashen, who argues that the acquisition of a new language is the same as the native language act, gives importance to content instead of form. Instead of correcting mistakes, students are made aware of their mistakes over time.

Community Language Learning:

It is a method developed based on the embarrassment of students while learning a language in front of the community. It was developed by Charles Curran. Students can speak comfortably with language counseling. What is spoken is recorded. And then learning is facilitated by resting.

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It is an interesting foreign language learning technique based on removing psychological barriers. The technique developed by Georgi Lazanov advocates that language learning can be achieved in a comfortable environment. A comfortable learning environment is created with music and incense.

The Silent Way: 

In this technique, the person who teaches the language, the language instructor, does not speak much. Students are active. The students speak and the language teacher gets involved in the learning activities using colored bars.

How Does Digital Culture Affect Language Learning And Translation?

Today, while digital culture leads to different developments in every field, websites have become the most important means of communication. Having multiple language options on the websites allows serving in any language. We talked about this in our ” Web Site Translation ” article on our blog. 

Digital culture has also improved language learning opportunities. It is now very easy to communicate with other people on the internet in a foreign language. As language learning gets easier in the digital age, the importance of translation is also increasing. Digital translation has gained importance in recent years.

It is very important for companies to translate websites and social media channels into different languages. E-commerce companies have to develop digital marketing methods suitable for the country they target.

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