6 Best Free CRM Software You Should Be Using for Your Small Business

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6 Best Free CRM Software You Should Be Using for Your Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Statistically, over 99 percentage of 28.7 million firms in the America are small businesses. Out of these over 88% have less than 20 employees and 40% of all businesses have revenues under $100k. 

These are the ingredients of a great small business: a great business name, a valuable product/solution, targeted marketing & customer data to drive the business forward.  

No matter how small businesses are, they still need people and processes to operate profitably and a CRM (a Customer Relationship Management) software is an absolute necessity. 

Most small businesses use a spreadsheet or a Microsoft Excel file to store information about their customers and while this gets the job done a CRM can do much more. 

Only with a CRM can you truly optimize marketing strategies, understand customer behavior, cross sell other products/solutions and build a customer relationship that gets better with time. 

Many small businesses shy away from using a CRM because of cost constraints but did you know there are many free CRMs you can use for your small business? 

Here are 6 Best Free CRM you can use for your small business


Freshsales free CRM

First on our list is FreshSales which is a free CRM tool with an all in one package. You can use Freshsales for your small business to manage leads, contracts, add users and even get unlimited support. As opposed to other CRMs, fresh sales offers free support which is a great deal if you are just staring with a CRM. 

Download FreshSales Here

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another free CRM for small businesses. For upto 10 users, you get 50,000 Contacts & Companies, Custom Data Fields, Lead Scoring, Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents, Appointment Scheduling, Custom Deal Milestones, Email Tracking, 2-Way Email Integration, Custom Deals, Track 2-Way Telephony. For most small businesses, this should be enough to get started. 

Download Agile CRM Here


Apptivo Free CRM

Apptivo has a free CRM starter pack that offers 500MB/ Business, Basic Contact Sharing, Standard Reports, Standard Support for up to 3 users. While 3 users might not sound like much, it is actually enough for a small business. We urge you to try Apptivo and upgrade only if you find the CRM useful.

Download Apptivo CRM Here


Yetiforce is an open source CRM for small businesses that have many benefits over other free CRMs. One of them being Yetriforce’s free modules that can be used to increase the functionality of your CRM solution. Such modules are usually a paid option with other CRMs and the open source code can even support up to 20,000 users simultaneously.

Download Yetiforce CRM Here


SuiteCRM is another open source CRM that can power your small business with robust customer relationship management. The free version of SuiteCRM gets you access to the Support Forums, Monthly up-to-date info about SuiteCRM releases, security patches and other SuiteCRM news (optional) and Info about SuiteCRM support options and SuiteAssured (optional). 

Download Suite CRM Here


Flowlu is a cloud-based free CRM which provides 2 users with many exciting features such as Tasks & Projects, Agile Projects (Scrum), Project Expense & Revenue, Cloud CRM, Lead & Contact Management, Quotation (Estimates), Invoicing & Payment Processing, Knowledge bases, Finance Management, Records Management & Online Messenger. 

Download Flowlu CRM Here

So there you have it, 6 free CRMs you can start using for your business right now. 

Pro Tip: To by-pass the requirement of paying as you increase customers, you can even consider downloading older customer data to your desktop and use only limited data on your CRM to boost your sales and customer engagement. 

These CRMs are ideal for all kinds of small business including Real Estate, Healthcare, Arts/ Entertainment, Website Agency and many more. 

Are you currently using any free CRMs? Let us know how has the experience been so far in the comments section!

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