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These techniques are useful for owners of large private homes and residents of thick-walled apartments.

Buy a new Wi-Fi Router

Many of us are still using older routers that operate according to the 802.11n standard of 2009 (also known as “wireless-n” or “Wi-Fi 4”). Its operating frequency is 2.4 GHz.

If you’re not happy with the bandwidth of your wireless network, it’s time to switch to an 802.11ac 5GHz device (also called Wi-Fi 5). Can guarantee speed increase.

Incidentally, your router may not be very old and supports the 5 GHz network. In this case, just switch to 802.11ac in the router settings.

Install the Wireless Adapter

Do you have a new router and gigabit internet, and an old laptop is still loading the TV series at connection speed while everything on the other device is flying? The problem may come from the WiFi module on your device. Try to connect it with a cord if the brake disappears, the problem comes from the antenna.

External wireless adapters that support the 802.11ac standard can provide high-speed wireless Internet access and even support devices that do not support this feature. Eg. Like this. Of course, this thing occupies the USB port, but if you plan on transporting the laptop to a specific location, you can remove it and plug it into the stage at any time.

For desktops, buy a Wi-Fi transmitter connected to the PCI-E connector on the system board. Therefore, the box can be placed anywhere in the house without pulling the cable from the router.

Connect the antenna to the Router

If the router itself cannot be reorganized to a better location (for example, the cable from the provider is a bit short), or if there is no good Wi-Fi module at all, the signal may be enhanced with the omnidirectional antenna amplifier.

Most home routers have smaller antennas with a gain of approx. 4-5 dBi. Replacing them with 9 dBi antennas (like this one) will speed up the wireless network and increase coverage. Craftsmen can make an amp out of cans, but that sort of thing usually ruins its appearance.

Turn the Old Router into an Access Point

People with legacy routers can transform them into signal amplifiers or other access points. Both options are described in our manual. Instead of trying to send the signal from the bedroom to the kitchen, it is best to put your own router in the kitchen.

If your router does not have a signal enhancement feature, try installing third-party firmware, such as DD-WRT or OpenWRT, with this feature.

Disconnect unused Devices

Do you really need something like a “smart kettle” to always connect to a wireless network? Check which devices are connected to the router, select the most important device, and then disconnect.

And this type of smart devices that are used for home automation (such as a home server on a Raspberry Pi or a TV with 4K content) is more suitable for connecting to a router via a Wi-Fi cable has less load and the video stream is smaller. The cable goes faster.

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