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Custom popcorn boxes have caused a storm in the packaging industry with the help of their rich-featured natured. These are now available in a huge range of sizes as per the requirements of the customers. In addition, these are also obtainable in attractive designs, unique shapes, and eye-catching color combinations. The additional advantage is that these are non-reactive with the food and the popcorns remain fresh and eatable for longer. These are also eco-friendly in nature, and their manufacturing does not become a reason for increased pollutions levels and for the release of toxic elements. Besides, these are available for buying from both local vendors and online shopping platforms. A large number of wholesale dealers are also offering bulk solutions at the most affordable prices. These have applications in the business arena for the marketing of a brand. It is possible by taking help from the high-tech printing features.

Popcorn is an equally popular food among children, youth, and the grown-up. A large number of popcorn brands are currently working in the USA. These brands know the competition they are in, and therefore they always try to come up with unique marketing ideas. They focus closely on the packaging part. This is why custom popcorn boxes are getting popular in the industry day by day.

Read the lines below to know about the top-ranked popcorn brands. The lines also include healthy information on the type of packaging boxes they use.

479 Degrees Popcorn

Talking about the top-ranked popcorn brands in the USA, the name of 479 degrees Popcorn is ranked at the very top of the list. The company knows how to make an impression on the customers by providing them the best quality eatables. In addition to that, the brand is also fully aware of the importance of packaging solutions for popcorn products. These food items are packed in a strong and durable packaging that has the capacity to keep the popcorns fresh and full of taste for longer durations. The packaging design is second to none when it comes to a premium feel, and it comes with an intelligent selection of a good-looking color combination. The brand name and product details are mentioned at the front so that maximum awareness could be spread among the people. This information helps the customers in deciding whether to buy these products or not.

J&D’s & The Oatmeal

J&D’s foods combined with the online blog The Oatmeal and both these enterprises started working together on a new project. They launched a number of food items, and popcorns are one of the bestselling product. The reason could be the provision of high quality, fresh and full of taste popcorns. In addition to that, another factor that must be included in the discussion of the success of the brand is its packaging. We all know popcorn boxes with customized features are known for providing much-needed elegance to the commodities. The packaging used by this brand is quite colorful in appearance and attractive for the eyes. An effective application of printing features can also be seen that is used for highlighting the name of a brand.

Tiny but Mighty Popcorn

Another top-ranked brand in the popcorn industry in the USA, Tiny but Mighty Popcorn is extremely famous with customers of all ages and gender types. The reason behind this is the provision of Popcorn of the highest quality in the best of taste that fulfills the carvings of the valuable customers. The best thing about the brand is that it uses eco-friendly and sustainable custom popcorn boxes. The brand is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment. The packaging it uses is easily recyclable and reusable again and again multiple times. In addition to that, the selection of color combinations is of the best quality. All the included are looking perfect with each other. The combination of black and red is killing the competition to a greater extent.

Pop Art Popcorns

It looks like the popcorn industry of the USA is saturated with a large number of companies and vendors. The competition is quite high, and it is difficult to list all the names in the discussion. However, we are trying to let you know about the best of the brands in this regard. Pop Art Popcorn brand has already made a name for itself in the industry, and it is due to a number of reasons. Apart from providing the best-quality eatables, the company also gives due attention to the packaging part. It used Kraft-made standup pouches for the popcorns. The packaging is sustainable and does not produce any harmful impact on the environment. In addition, it is durable and strong enough to preserve the taste and freshness of the products. The popcorn packaging of this brand also utilizes a huge range of high-tech printing applications. These printing features are important to help the brand in standing out among the market competitors.


A brand started by a brother and a sister, popcorn is known for offering whole grain and tiny popcorns in a large variety of flavors as per the customer’s liking. Like all other major discussed brands, the best thing about the company is that it uses a highly sustainable packaging material. Kraft-made pouches are used to pack the popcorns by this brand. The Kraft paper packaging solutions are made more attractive by taking help from printing features. The design is simple yet gives ac classic look. Such a Kraft paper pouch is also used by major fast-food brands in the world. The reason behind this is that the eatables remain fresh and full of taste for longer periods of time. The company name and logo are also printed by using eco-friendly inks of the highest quality. The ink sits well with the Kraft surface, and everything looks up to the mark.

It turns out that the companies are trying to be more creative and innovative with their packaging solutions. It is important to grab the attention of the customers. If you plan to start a popcorn business in the near future, you can take help from the discussed ideas. Always keep in mind to be as dynamic and innovative as possible. It will help you in having a greater number of customers. So, waste no more time and get connected to a supplier that deals in popcorn boxes wholesale at the most affordable prices.

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