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The most common question that everyone encounters in the online world is which platform is the best for creating online experiences? And the answer to our question is none other but WordPress. 

WordPress is a versatile CMS platform which powers more than 50% of the websites in the online world. In fact, it is so diverse that it provides you extreme customizability options and delivers the best standards for website development. It is a powerful website builder and has thousands of themes & plugins that makes the whole online experience quite the remarkable one for your end-consumers. If you are confused about what hosting you should opt for than you can read this article about Bluehost vs HostGator to get some more information regarding hosting.

Why do we believe WordPress is the best option? Here are 6 reasons which make WordPress the best. 


Reason # 1: You Get Complete Liberty to Create Websites on WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is, it’s FREE. You can download the web app and install it once you’ve paid for the hosting and domain for your digital website. With WordPress, you can create just about any website you want without investing any additional costs. You can either watch a course on YouTube to learn how to set up a website on WordPress or you can hire a Web Development Company to help you create an online experience for the world. It’s up to you how you wish to proceed. 

The best thing about WordPress is that you get ultimate freedom to create & control your website. 


Reason # 2: It’s Easy to Customize WordPress with Themes & Plugins

A great many individuals who are using WordPress are entrepreneurs and marketers. They have zero knowledge on the technical side of working with websites and coding. Yet, they are able to create thriving online experiences for their respective customers. How? Because WordPress offers a user-friendly dashboard to create websites. You get thousands of themes and different plugins to add features to your website and make it more customer friendly, all that and much more at the backend. 

If you can research about the different plugins and themes, WordPress can be quite rewarding. 


Reason # 3: WordPress enables you to Perform SEO Effectively

WordPress uses sophisticated codes and semantic markups which makes the platform quite attractive for Google. It allows Google crawlers to easily crawl the WordPress website and rank sites. When it comes to website design and coding, WordPress is quite SEO friendly for search engines. WordPress also includes a series of SEO friendly plugins which further help users to optimize online websites with high density and good volume keywords. There are thousands of different plugins in the WordPress repository which can help make your website more visible and rank it perfectly on Google. 

If you want to make your website search-engine friendly, then WordPress is one of the best options. 


Reason # 4: With WordPress, you can easily manage everything

Unlike custom built websites where you have to update plugins and features separately, WordPress offers you a single dashboard from where you can update all the necessary features and plugins with a few clicks. The platform also notifies you when an update is released or when a new version of the platform is available. You can update your website with just a few clicks which makes WordPress favorable. You also get additional plugins to keep your data hack-free and secure. You can maintain backups and check the performance of your website, all through a single dashboard. 

If you want to control all the features through a single platform, WordPress is definitely your best bet. 


Reason # 5: WordPress is Remarkably Safe & Secure for Business Owners

If website security is your major concern, then have no fear when you install WordPress. The CMS is designed keeping the security aspect in mind. However, we can’t say for sure that if you own a website on WordPress, it is completely secure. It’s because the Internet world is ever evolving and the online threats are equally transforming. There are many intruders in the online world who are always searching for loopholes and in case, if they discover one in your website, you’re open to vulnerabilities. 

You can perform free WordPress security audit and install various wordpress security plugins to easily secure your site.

Yet, WordPress brings a series of safety & security plugins that promises high-level security. 


Reason # 6: Your Website Becomes Compatible with Different Media

It’s not just the content which you can handle through WordPress, you have the exceptional liberty to handle more. WordPress powers a built-in media uploader which allows users to upload text, images, videos, audio & video files. You can also embed videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and other similar platforms. You can also embed tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook shares, Tumblr shares, and more. To do so, you don’t have to go into the code and add them, only copy paste the link and you’re done. 

If you want a user-friendly platform to share different media, WordPress can come in quite handy. 


Concluding Thoughts

So there you go, here are six reasons why I believe WordPress is a great CMS option for your website. Whether you wish to start a small business or you want to start your own eCommerce platform, WordPress can be quite a rewarding business option. You can make different kinds of websites on the platform. You can start your own blog, run an online store, create a business website, and do whatnot. 

Looking for a great website builder? WordPress is indeed one of the best options. You can also check this post on Why people prefer WordPress to get better understanding regarding this topic.  

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