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Wouldn’t it be nice if your favorite craftsman also lived right around the corner? Unfortunately, the reputation of the craftsman is often not the best. When you need him, he doesn’t have time, doesn’t answer or only comes when it suits him.

Artisan choice

Find your favorite craftsman!

If you never experience bankruptcy or miscommunication with your craftsman, I recommend that you take the following six criteria into account when choosing to avoid negative surprises.

Selection criterion 1: the price

Artisan price

The comparison of offers is based on the price by many building owners.

The price is often the award criterion par excellence.

But sometimes the cheapest craftsman is the worst and those who build cheaply pay twice.

And because you are a layperson yourself and as a result, some defects in the execution cannot be recognized, the errors only become apparent years later. Then it can get really expensive.

Selection criterion 2: recommendations, guarantees and awards

Artisan recommendation

Every client feels and recommends differently.

Recommendations are guarantees from the past and, therefore, a helpful means of assessing an artisan.

The risk of recommendations:

They are clouded by subjective opinion. If the person who recommends the craftsman does not value service, but the person concerned is very large, the recommendation can backfire.

Therefore, every recommendation must be questioned and examined taking into account the aspects that are important to you, such as professional competence and execution quality, accessibility and service attitude.

If the craftsman gives a guarantee, this is a promise of performance for which he has to stand up.

If you voluntarily provide a guarantee of cleanliness, you can assume that you are actually leaving the construction site clean.

Online platforms are a good addition to the search for a suitable craftsman. Sometimes certifications and awards are an indication of good work. Ask your friends for recommendations.

Be sure to avoid mistakes others have made before you.

Tip: An indication of a high recommendation and thus quality rate is also the proportion of regular customers in a company.

Selection criterion 3: accessibility

Craftsman accessibility

Some craftsmen can hardly be reached.

The farewell formula “We are on the phone” is often said easily enough for craftsmen. The customer often has to call the tradesman afterward, deadlines are not met and emails remain unanswered. A tragedy.

Tip: Therefore, test the availability before placing the order.

Call the tradesman a few times and check their availability. If he can’t be reached, will he call you back? Send out emails and see what happens.

One criterion for good accessibility is the question of the boss. If the operator works on the construction site, it is usually difficult to reach and other construction sites suffer due to a lack of supervision. Attention: This is a possible criterion, but not a sufficient one!

In addition, if the secretary on the phone is friendly and accommodating, but the boss himself is a fool, you have not gained anything. In addition, there is of course the possibility that the craftsman tries before placing the order, but remains unreachable during the execution.

Note: Accessibility also includes proximity.

Because if improvements are found, a local craftsman is more tangible than a craftsman who has a long way to go and therefore has to think three times about whether it is actually necessary to arrive because of a “trifle” or a “defect”.

Unfortunately, I know from experience that craftsmen are often delayed when it comes to reworking. New jobs with a view to payments are simply more attractive than ironing out shortcomings when the money has already flowed.

That is why the topic of “reliability” is always an important aspect when choosing the right craftsman.

Note: Anyone can knock sayings. Try to look behind the facade.

Selection criterion 4: communication and service

Artisan communication and service

A good line to your craftsman is worth gold.

Some artisans are true set minimizers who have to pull everything out of their noses. But nowadays it is becoming more and more important that craftsmen can also advise their customers well and respond to their wishes and needs.

A craftsman should see himself as a service advocate who cares about the customer.

If you want to get an idea in advance of what the respective craftsman means by service, I also recommend that you take a closer look at their website:

  • How does the page affect you?
  • Sober and cold, or personable and confidence-inspiring?
  • Does it contain valuable information?
  • What does it tell you about the craftsman and his attitude towards his work and his customers?

Selection criterion 5: professional qualification

Craftsman qualification

What about the professional qualifications of the employees?

The quality of the execution is often reflected in the price.

Note: The cheaper a provider is, the more fixed and sloppy is usually the execution.

Conscientious work cannot be done in no time. Quality takes time and has its price. In any case, keep an eye on your financial options. Besides, avoid being a patient of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Other essential questions in connection with the professional qualification:

  • How are employees trained and empowered?
  • Is it just a pick-up? Do you work with subcontractors?
  • Are the craftsmen proficient in the German language?
  • Who controls the construction site?
  • Is the construction site checked at all?

Selection criterion 6: references

Craftsman references

References and current construction sites say a lot about the way the craftsman works.

Always get references and ask if you can get in touch with them.

It is a good sign if the artisan has nothing to hide.


  • What impression do current construction sites give?
  • What about cleanliness and order on the construction site?
  • Are references shown on the homepage?
  • Does the company show up on Facebook, where it reports on current measures?


Quite often the comparison of offers is based only on the price. With such a one-sided decision, however, all-round satisfaction often falls by the wayside.

Therefore my tip:

Include the aspects and questions that I have compiled for you in a comparison. By taking these quality features into account, you will find a construction partner you can trust and who will be at your side during the entire construction period. After all, a building is a complex matter that requires the full attention of an expert.

In my opinion, however, one thing always comes first:
You should have a good relationship with your favorite craftsman. Because that is exactly what is important that you can speak to each other. In addition to professional qualifications, good communication is one of the most important criteria that lead to the desired construction success.


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