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LaptopS are everywhere, from super-fancy and premium ones to mid-range with impressive laptop batteries for those who run short on money. With so many options in the market from a plethora of brands worldwide, buying a laptop has almost become complex. The highly admirable companies such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and others offer hundreds of laptops with different state-of-the-art features at different prices. But which one is right for you? Well, we’ve listed down broad guidelines you should keep in your mind before you get your hands on a laptop.

Prefer Buying SSD Over HDD

It’s very much important to note that a laptop with SSD hard drive or SSD cache (whether you go for 8GB or 16GB of RAM) gives a boost to the performance, and you get everything done without any glitch or lag. If you have cash in your wallet and can bear a little dent, make these laptops your priority, such as 500GB rather than 700GB, even if it means having a smaller hard disc.

4GB or 8GB RAM isn’t Enough

To get an awesome and smooth laptop experience for the years to come, 4GB or 8GB RAM isn’t enough. However, we recommend you to get at least 16GB of RAM or 8GB with SSD hard drive. 8GB of RAM will help you perform your routine tasks flawlessly, but if you need to edit photos as well as videos, 16GB of RAM is the best option to go for. Even if you are looking for an affordable laptop, be sure to buy one with RAM as much as possible.

Video RAM isn’t Essential

A video RAM comes into action when you look for a gaming laptop as it takes good care of heavy graphics. Honestly, video RAM isn’t necessary, but the graphics card, indeed. It’s good to go for GTX as compared to GTS, but GT is even great than buying a GTS graphics card. AMD, however, promises better performance, but nothing can beat Nvidia graphics cards.

Better High-Resolution Screen

The better screen comprises three different things – size, panel type, and most importantly, resolution. Your laptop should be (at least) loaded with IPS LCD technology with the highest possible resolution. A bigger screen is highly recommended, but if you want to have portability, then it’s good to choose one with a small screen. However, if you love playing games or watching movies, you should go with a laptop that sports a bigger screen.

One Generation Old Processor is Fine

Buying a laptop with a one-generation old processor is absolutely fine. They are better than the Pentiums’ latest generation, and interestingly, they set you back significantly lower. Although Pentium is better as compared to Atom but if you have to choose between Core i-series or Pentium, go for Core i-series.

Other Pro Tips

It’s a smart move to get your hands on a smoother and bigger trackpad as well as the highest quality AC Adapter to prevent serious battery damages later. Are you Tech-Savvy? Look for a laptop with DOS and choose one with a battery that comprises more cells, which means better battery life. Last and least, go for a laptop that feels durable with excellent built and feels less plasticky.

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