6 Wise Tips to Help You Find the Best Bathroom Tiles

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Among all the moves you make to remodel or renovate a bathroom, choosing the tiles is the most enjoyable one. These beautiful pieces are made of ceramic, porcelain, or glass and set the entire look and feel of your bathroom space. These can bring the desired color, pattern, texture, glamour, and much-needed water-resistance to the area.

The most noticeable aspect about tiles is that they can really decorate a space like no other. You can get a clean and modern aesthetic with your choice of tile shapes, size, and finish. But, the vast options shouldn’t become stressful for you. Use the below-mentioned tips for making your decision easy and dream bathroom a reality –

  1. Set Your Budget

It is crucial to set your budget for bathroom makeovers and the amount you are willing to spend on wall and floor tiles. Different types of tiles can cost differently. If you want to opt for accent tiles, the expense can be higher, and for other usual designs, the cost can be relatively lower. The number of tiles can also impact your budget.

  1. Know Your Material Option

When choosing tiles for your bathroom floor, you need to use ‘safety’ and ‘practicality’ parameters. Smooth tiles can have a great feel but get highly slippery when wet. Textured tiles are actually a better bet for the shower floor. These prevent moisture from seeping in and any slickness over the surface.

  1. Pick an Appropriate Size

You ensure a minimum amount of cutting and wastage by purchasing the right tile size for your bathroom flooring and walls. Large-format tiles may not be suitable for your compact bathroom space, and small tile sizes may look out of place in your master bathroom area. Hence, always consider the square footage available to you, and then search for the tiles that can be useful there.

  1. Look for a Brighter Color

Having a color scheme in mind makes your tile purchasing easier and faster. You can match it with countertops or contrast the wall tiles with the floor. In a smaller bathroom, it is best to choose a lighter color palette and glossier finish. The soothing tones give an illusion of spaciousness, and reflective surfaces make the space look brighter altogether.

  1. Stick to Maximum Three Styles

Even if you plan to create a unique tile pattern and make it the focal point of your bathroom, do not go for more than three different tiles. Keep the tiles in the same color family to avoid distraction to the eyes or make your bathroom look overboard. If your choice is plain tiles, do not hesitate to add an element of interest with accent tiles such as mosaics and metallics.

  1. Think About Maintenance

It is hard to maintain the newness and shine of the tiles without providing them the daily care. Bathroom tiles, especially in and around the shower, undergo a good beating and must be robust enough to withstand it. Porcelain and ceramic are less porous and maintenance-free, but natural stone tends to hold onto dirt and require sealing. So, think about this thoroughly before buying.

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