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International courier services play a great role in the financial improvement as well as brand exposure. When you send a courier to Ireland from India, you provide your product an open and big market and generate great profit. This is how international courier services help in growth of e-commerce as well.

So, here we will be discovering the major facts and standard charges related to courier to Ireland from India. 


Profit in Ireland market

You can observe a solid sense of duty regarding sustainable power sources, in the Republic of Ireland. It is also considered as one of the best 10 markets for clean-tech interest as per the global green economy index.

Other profits and importance that you achieve while using international courier service for Ireland. To further increase the ease for you, there is proper research and improvement in Ireland in sustainable power sources. Courier to Ireland from India is also benefited by the expansive breeze ranches that are being developed in Beachfront regions.


Major destination in Ireland for courier

The major destinations in Ireland include Rock of Cashel, Bunratty Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, and Holy Cross Abbey. It also includes many historically important and religious places where the market for many products is really wide. You can easily set up a good exposure for your product over here. Due to the importance of these destinations, you can find courier facilities to maximum places. So, choose the most suitable destination for your product. 


Go Through the Export Incentive Schemes by government

Government offers sellers of some categories a benefit on their exports. These government schemes provide you with very beneficial things that you must avail. So make sure about all those schemes before packing up your courier to Ireland from India. 


Standard charges 

Now here we will be sharing with you the standard charges that are applied for the courier to Ireland from India. These charges are mainly based on the weight of your parcel and the delivery time or service that you choose. Also mention that these charges may vary from courier service agencies and the service and delivery time they provide.

Go through the following rate list for courier to Ireland from India:

1.0.5 Kg for INR 2,717 – GST Inclusive.

2.1 Kg for INR 2,817 – GST Inclusive.

3.2 Kg for INR 3,195 – GST Inclusive .

4.3 Kg for INR 3,837 – GST Inclusive.

5.4 Kg for INR 4,215 – GST Inclusive .

6.5 Kg for INR 4,708 – GST Inclusive.

7.6 Kg for INR 5,252 – GST Inclusive .

8.7 Kg for INR 5,988 – GST Inclusive .

9.8 Kg for INR 6,049 – GST Inclusive .

10.9 Kg for INR 6,805 – GST Inclusive.

11.10 Kg for INR 7,562 – GST Inclusive.

12.11 Kg for INR 7,605 – GST Inclusive.

13.12 Kg for INR 8,297 – GST Inclusive.

14.13 Kg for INR 8,988 – GST Inclusive.

15.14 Kg for INR 9,680 – GST Inclusive.

16.15 Kg for INR 10,371 – GST Inclusive.

17.16 Kg for INR 10,496 – GST Inclusive.

18.17 Kg for INR 11,152 – GST Inclusive.

19.18 Kg for INR 11,808 – GST Inclusive.

20.19 Kg for INR 12,464 – GST Inclusive.



Thus, remain attentive while selecting the courier agency to send courier to Ireland from India. When you select the best one, you ensure the best and most standard charges along with best service. So, give your product exposure in the market of Ireland with the help of international courier services.

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