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For the longest time, science fiction writers and movie makers alike have been predicting the incredible changes that will become evident with the use of AI. In reality, we may not be quite there yet, but the potential is being realised slowly and steadily. In fact, one area where AI is poised to make significant changes (and in some cases already is) is in education.

Many projects are underway that use computer intelligence to assist students, and teachers get more out of the process of learning. So, let’s ponder over some of the ways the AI is transforming the sphere of education.

1. Accessibility to Smart Content

AI can help digitise textbooks or create customised interfaces that are effective for students from all age groups and levels. This is to ensure that every student achieves their ultimate academic success.

In fact, this technology has already been adopted a classroom setting. Smart content also involves virtual content like video conferencing and video lectures. As you can imagine, textbooks are taking a new turn. AI systems are using traditional syllabuses to create customised textbooks for certain subjects. Content Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is an AI company uses deep learning to curate customised textbooks that fit the needs of particular courses and students.

2. AI helps to bridge the gaps in learning

Teachers are required to keep a consistent pace to cover the syllabus in a limited time. This inevitably presents gaps in their lectures and instructional material which also results in a lot of confusion among the students.

However, the academic world has a solution to this problem through artificial intelligence. With the implementation of AI, students will be able to engage with an organised program, receive an instant response to clear their doubts and find assignment help without depending on the teacher. The same program can also be used to alert the teachers about gaps in learning so they may speed up the process of imparting knowledge.

3. Implementation of personalised learning

You must’ve come across Netflix recommendations or the ads you receive Facebook depending on our personal preferences. In the same spirit, AI equips educators to uphold the individual needs of students from the start. This provides the teachers with considerable time to help students.

Students who are in the initial years of their schooling, or in advanced academic levels can benefit from the personalisation of AI. They can undertake personalised courses online, appear for tests, and track their academic performance right from their smartphones.

Instead of implementing a one-size-fits-all approach, the teachers can focus on the individual strengths of each student. AI and Machine Learning are efficient in recognising the different learning patterns. Hence, these technologies can help determine which students would do well by reading assigned materials and who are in need of additional assistance.

4. Automation of the grading process

Teachers in the new-age academic setup invest a major chunk of their time in administrative duties like grading the students. However, AI technology can be integrated to automate this task, leaving teachers with more time to devote to educating their students. Software that can grade written answers and tasks may also be implemented in educational institutions.

This indicates that teachers will be able to invest their time on imparting knowledge other than grading quizzes. School administration board is another department that will evolve that way it functions through AI as processing and classification of paperwork become automated.

5. Transformation of classroom spaces

For centuries, traditional classrooms have involved a teacher who imparts knowledge, and students who attempt to absorb as much as they can.

Today, there is an abundance of online resources that have transformed traditional classrooms into virtual classrooms. The virtual classes are created to educate students one at a time, depending on their learning style, and knowledge of a given subject.

Not only has AI helped in this transformation of classrooms, but it also allowed educational efforts to reach every corner of the world, without affecting the quality of delivery.

6. AI-driven programs can enable the sharing and receiving of feedback

AI not only helps students with courses customised to their needs, but it can also provide feedback to the teachers about the success of the course as a whole. Some schools have integrated AI systems to monitor the progress of the students and to notify the professors when there’s an issue with their performance.

AI programs at these schools aren’t only providing advice on different courses, however. Some institutions develop systems that can guide students to select majors depending on areas where they succeed and struggle. While it’s up to the students to take the advice, it could mark a whole new approach for college major selection for future students.

7. AI can make trial-and-error learning less overwhelming

Trial and error is a critical method of learning, but for some students, the thought of failing, or even not knowing the answer, can be a major problem. Now, an intelligent computer system, designed to assist students in learning, presents a less daunting way to deal with this trial and error method.

AI could offer students a way to experiment and learn in a relatively judgement-free environment, especially when AI tutors can offer suggestions for improvement. In fact, AI enables the ideal format for supporting this kind of learning, as AI systems themselves often gather data by a trial-and-error method.

Parting thoughts,

Although there’s still significant work to be done before AI attains its fullest potential, what’s certain is that it will have a defining role in reshaping the learning process. AI will bring a much-needed reform in the teacher-student relationship dynamics in and out of the classroom.

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