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Smoking lovers give special importance to the packaging. Cigarette brands can use meaningful and attractive cigarette packaging with some compelling designs to attract buyers. Amazing cardboard sheets not only keep the cigarettes safe from the humidity and other influencing factors but is also an excellent option for printing. Brand their creativity by hiring professional designers and manufacturers for aesthetically amazing packaging. Various types of adorable design options can add uniqueness to them for an enhanced brand image and more engagement from buyers. Here are some useful tips to customize them using the different printing design options.

Use Artistic Images on Walls

Plain packaging for cigarettes is unable to impress the customers to convey any desired information to smoking lovers. Giving preference to the design is more vital than any other aspect to attract the customers in the case of these products. Brands can customize the design by utilizing some catchy infographics that have nothing to do with the branding. Smoking lovers usually hold their cigarette boxes in their hands to lite up the cigarettes along doing their regular work. Attractive graphics of the objects that are usually seen in the regular routine are very effective for this purpose. Even brands can display some funny images over their front wall panel. Seeing these images will reduce the frustration level of smokers.

Use Foiling for Charming Design

Various strategies are used to design as the sky is the limit to show creativity in this aspect. Among the many design options, foiling is such an option that lifts their aesthetics of the packaging and gives it the adorable look. Brands can get their cigarette boxes embellished with golden or silver foiling. They have the option to cover the whole box with the foiling to give it a golden or silver look or some specific parts. They can use it to display the brand information and the cigarette name as well over the black backgrounds. Gilding the whole box also look quite mesmerizing and looks quite attractive over the retail shelves. This factor can influence the purchase decisions of buyers that are thinking of changing the brand.

Illustrate Brand Personality 

You need to reflect the values and traditions of the brand over packaging design. It will appeal the loyal buyers and new customers that are still undiscovered. Show the brand personality for such buyers to connect them emotionally with the brand. Most of the buyers stay loyal to the brands in case of cigarettes until they are getting them in the finest quality. Moreover, tobacco companies also bear many restrictions for the advertisement. They can enhance their brand awareness using different customization techniques like embossing and raised inks. A logo says a lot about the company. Get this logo displayed using embossing for prominence. Likewise, give importance to the color while displaying this information. Try to use the same color for the logo, name, or other information.

Organically Shaped Color Blockings

Printed designs have got a lot of versatility and are now being used extensively for the enhanced appeal of the packaging. Nowadays, organically shaped color blockings are more prevalent in the case of these consumable products. This use of colors for an attractive formation of design is not like the traditional plain and straight color blocks. This display of colors looks like a liquid floating over the packaging. Some light colors are used to draw these randomly shaped blocks. These uneven and unbalanced designs are marked with the spots and round pitches forming the dappled collages. However, it is essential to utilize the different colors to form parallel uneven design patterns of different colors. Some meaningless squiggles and spirals are also used to add charm.

Use Attractive Typography 

Since the utilization of fancy and customized cigarette packaging solutions, typography has also made its place as the vital element of the design that needs special attention. There are a variety of fonts available that brands can use according to the liking and disliking of customers. Brands can even introduce their custom fonts or can use handwritten text to display attractive slogans and information about brands’ history. Too much display of the text will ruin the elegance of these boxes. So, try to display only essential information specifically on the front wall. Fonts like the vegan style and lemon jelly are very effective for this purpose. The typeface of the fonts also needs special attention.

Utilize the Finishing Varieties

Enhancing the appeal of the whole cigarette packaging and the design is also very important. It is made more appealing with the help of different finishing options. Brands can use different types of finishes depending upon the budget and the demand for manufacturing material. The whole design is embellished with these finishes after displaying all the information to give it a final touch. Laminating and coating these finishes makes the surface of the design glossy and shining, which looks quite interesting on seeing even from a distance. The multiple types of finishes that can be used for this purpose are gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, varnish, and aqueous coatings. They will also protect the print from getting mutilated because of the different environmental conditions.

Consider Customers Lifestyle 

Most smokers smoke cigarettes for a stylish lifestyle rather than because of addiction. Therefore, keeping the targeted customers in mind is extremely essential. The whole layout should be designed keeping the preferences of customers in mind. If the majority of your targeted customers are youth, then utilize the graphics images or other content according to their likings and disliking. Do not print the vintage or golf playing images in the design as it will make them frustrating. Similarly, if you are targeting the age of people then display content while considering their lifestyle in mind. You can also conduct some surveys by the people for the kin of your future designs. Purchasing behavior is impacted by considering all such aspects.

Brands can get the best design for their cigarette packaging by following all these useful tips. Creating an aesthetically amazing design will increase the customer base of your brand and the sales volumes. It helps to stay tall from all other available options for the customers in markets. Try to keep your packaging updated according to the latest trends of the market, but at the same time do not forget to show your creativity.

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