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7 Best UI/UX designs for your website

Gone are the days when any website design would earn you a massive following. Nowadays, people look for appealing sites that feature unique layouts and beautiful themes. That is because no one wants to waste their valuable time struggling to navigate through a sluggish and repulsive site. With that in mind, you must choose your website design carefully. With the right choice, you will have an easy time convincing people to visit the site. You will also be able to enhance the user experience, and that may earn you some great reviews and multiple recommendations.

In case you are not creative enough to figure out an excellent design for your website, worry not. That is because the information below contains seven best UI/UX designs that will give your site a nice touch. Your task is to determine which design best suits your needs. You can then go ahead and incorporate it on your website. All the designs listed below are fast, dependable, and, most of all, aesthetically pleasing. Some of the designs that you can consider are :

1.     Ball system

The ball system is a fantastic website design meant for companies. It features a dark theme with top-notch graphics that your clients will love. For you to make the design conspicuous, make sure you use high-quality images. In order to ensure easy navigation throughout the website, the ball system uses a minimalist layout with a variety of responsive controls. There is also the incorporation of an overlay menu which uses a strip transition, therefore, adding a unique feel to the design. With the idea, you will be able to intrigue plenty of prospective clients.

Another factor that makes the Ball system stand out is the fact that it uses a stunning video 404 error page. The interface has a ball moving all over the 404 digits, making it very appealing. You will also find white fonts to be interesting. They come in a great size that makes them visible enough regardless of your angle. On the menu bar, you can access the business services, and the company information, among others. There is also the inclusion of a stylish drop-down menu button, which you can use to highlight other selections like FAQs.


2.     Basic

Company owners looking for simplicity and dependability will love basic website design. It is a lovely platform that incorporates various templates to give it an outstanding appearance. One of the main features that will satisfy your curiosity is a simple and attractive homepage. The interface of this section of the website is thrilling. It makes use of block colors with a slightly coarse texture. It also has sections where you can incorporate high-quality images to give it a fabulous finish. Unlike other websites, Basic has a distinct menu button that makes use of three dots lined horizontally.


The other pages replicate the general layout of the homepage with minimal changes for uniformity. For easy readability, the website design uses big and bold fonts, particularly on the headings. The other sections use smaller fonts to avoid giving it an awkward finish. It is the kind of website design that can suit a corporate or a serious business. When it comes to the agency portfolio, the website transforms uses dark skin with a pink theme. That is to break the monotony and make the website stand out. There are also various parts where you can add quotes to keep visitors motivated. All those features showcase how beautiful the design is for a business website.

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3.     FRU.IT

Online merchants who want a platform that is alluring to sell their products can consider FRU.IT website design. That is because it comes with a simple but attractive interface that is clean to ensure minimal distraction of the shopper. It also makes use of a unique website header and a menu bar that features the menu, a variety of options as well as the eCommerce logo. It is the type of website that can make a fantastic eCommerce mobile app for any online store. What is also intriguing about the design is that it makes use of appealing product categories that appear in circular frames.

The layout is straightforward; therefore, easy to navigate. The interface, on the other hand, uses a simple white background adorned with colorful product images. It then finishes off with various eCommerce details at the bottom of the page. It is the kind of site that will see shoppers have terrific user experience as long as they are on the page. Contrary to many eCommerce websites, FRU.IT uses a shopping bag instead of a shopping cart, and that alone is enough to give it a modern feel.

4.     Aanika Biosciences

The fusion of science and technology brings about one of the best website designs that are suitable for scientific sites. The website makes use of incredible illustrations that are intriguing. It also incorporates superior graphics that give the layout an exquisite appearance. In order to make it better, the Aanika Biosciences design welcomes clients with full-screen backdrop pictures that deliver fantastic visualizations. That keeps the client glued to the site for a more extended period. Apart from the beautiful homepage, there is the inclusion of animations that positively impacts the shift from one page to another.

Other notable additions include a floating menu button, which is full-page and detailed. That is so that you have a clear view of all the options included. The curser, on the other hand, appears in a unique atom design. That alone is enough to make the web design special compared to other scientific web designs. You also get to have plenty of room for quotes that will appear in bold fonts. Below the webpage, you can include the web admins information if you wish.


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5.     Prince aviation

Prince aviation is yet another beautiful design that has fascinating full-screen background images that make the website pleasing. Contrary to many similar sites, the design switches its background images after a few seconds to curb boredom. The switching animation is ingenious, therefore, delightful. The design doesn’t permit you to scroll through the homepage, and so all you can do is click the available menu for you to switch the page. The other sections of the design possess a simpler white background with a slightly visible watermark. That makes it easy for the client to see the information communicated on the platform without struggling.

You are also going to enjoy the fantastic animation that lets the data slide in smoothly, therefore, making the whole site exciting. In case you have social media handles, you can use the floating shortcuts to ease accessibility. The floating menu also makes it easy for the visitor to move from one page to another without scrolling back to the top. It is among the few features that make Prince Aviation one of the best examples of UI/UX designs. For a world-class appearance, make sure you use high definition images.

6.     Datum360

Anyone in search of a design for his or her marketing website should try Datum360. It is among the few website designs that don’t compromise in terms of graphics and outstanding performance. It features superior illustrations and 3D designs that are hard to come by. With the design, be sure that your clients are going to have a comfortable and exciting time navigating through the interface. On the left hand of the homepage, there is a menu button that opens up to give you multiple options.

You also need to note that the homepage is scrollable, giving you room to include various information. Once you start scrolling, a new page will come and overlap the existing homepage. Note that the homepage features a full-screen background image, whereas the other sections use smooth textured block colors for their backgrounds. That makes it appealing for a marketing website.

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7.     Two Popes

Church websites can be quite hard to design, but with the Two Popes, you will find the task to be effortless. The loading page of the design features a dark background with a brown theme. The homepage, on the other hand, comes with a full-screen backdrop image which you can use to showcase church members. Despite there being a detailed taskbar, you can place additional information all over the homepage, which is scrollable.

There are exciting color schemes as you move down the webpage, and that is enough to capture the attention of the visitor. There is also the inclusion of various 3D illustrations as well as alluring animations throughout the design. Once you begin scrolling down, the taskbar disappears only to reappear as soon as you scroll up. All those features make the website design great to use on various church sites.

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The website designs listed above are fantastic for anyone who wants to achieve a professional website. They come with delightful features and excellent animations meant to keep users excited throughout. Apart from the outstanding color combinations, the designs also allow the incorporation of full-screen images, which you will find to be intriguing. The purpose of each design is to develop a fantastic user interface that will ensure complete user experience.


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