7 Best Ways to Refresh Your Office on a Budget

Refresh Your Office

Our office is more than just a place to do work at. It’s where we spend quite a sizeable amount of time day after day and its look and functionality can greatly influence how we feel about our everyday life. A dark, messy, uninspiring space will hardly make you feel motivated to get started with the tasks of the day, but fixing this problem doesn’t have to involve a massive renovation project, despite what you might think. Whether it’s your very own home office or your corporate workplace, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you transform the space on a budget and make you feel more inspired to get your work done. Here are a few things you should keep in mind!

Go for neutral colors

If you are tired of the old look of your office, switching up the colors is something that is quite simple but will make a big impact. If you have the option to do so, repainting the walls will instantly transform the space. The importance of picking the right shade for this project cannot be emphasized enough. Lots of “loud” colors can become tiring to look at since certain colors have strong effects on our mood and psyche. Following some feng shui pointers and picking muted, neutral shades will create a more pleasant and relaxing environment. Even if you don’t get the chance to repaint the space or make any considerable changes, focusing on the right color palette where you can still means a lot.

Swap the textiles

When you really need to freshen up the look of the space but are short on money, switching just a couple of larger elements can do the trick. This is also a great method if you cannot repaint the walls or swap the furniture pieces in your office. By “larger elements,” we mean the textiles that take up a rather large part of the visual image of the space. For instance, if the drapes do nothing but drag you down, pick up some lighter, sleeker ones and the change will be immediate. If the floors have seen better days but you obviously won’t spend a fortune on changing them, getting a nice rug will give some charm to your work area. Get a fluffy throw blanket for your chair for an extra dose of coziness!

Upgrade your tools and supplies

Besides swapping the textiles of your office space, another swap that won’t break the bank but is worth investing in is that of your frequently used tools and supplies. There may be nothing wrong with them, but looking at them for months and years surely makes them feel boring. Upgrading them to a slightly more upscale version will not only boost the look of the space but also your experience while using them. Is your keyboard old and dirty? A cute new keyboard will make you feel excited to type again. The same goes for a new computer mouse. Changing up your desk design by getting a couple of sleek desk organizers and getting rid of your old pencil holders will also breathe new life into the space.

Improve the lighting

Good, preferably natural, lighting is a key element in any office that hopes for productivity. If you’re organizing your own home office, then even rearranging the space can be an option. You can get maximum use out of natural light by turning your desk towards your window and can forget about turning any lamp on during the day. If that is not an option, though, getting task lights that imitate natural light is your best bet. Steer clear of fluorescent lights that will wash out your space and make it look cold. Warm light is the way to go.

Maintain cleanliness

The next tip for refreshing your office space that will hardly cost you anything is simply elevating the cleanliness of your space. Clutter is horrible in productive spaces, so start by removing unnecessary items from your desk and shelves. We already mentioned getting new desk organizers, and they will come in handy here, too. Keep your desk neat at all times and you won’t feel overwhelmed as soon as you step into your office. The lack of clutter will also make it much easier to keep surfaces appropriately clean and thereby, the space healthy. If your office gets a lot of foot traffic, you can also employ the help of high-quality door mats to prevent dirt from outside to mess up your space.

Green it up

One of the most powerful décor elements one can introduce to a space is plants. The fresh green color they will add to your office will help create a homely, comfortable space. In addition, the closeness of nature is also relaxing and inspiring, so it’s no wonder indoor jungles are becoming extremely popular. Of course, you don’t have to build an entire living wall in your office or get a hundred potted plants right away, but adding a couple of cute houseplants is a foolproof idea for elevating the space. Look into office plants that won’t die on you in a week. Aglaonema and snake plant, for instance, don’t require a lot of light, so they will be able to thrive even in less than ideal environments.

Inspire yourself

Finally, just because this is your workspace, it does not mean that it has to be void of all personalization. Adding just a couple of items that are meaningful to you will boost your office space immensely while not costing you anything. Be it a motivational quote in a frame, an inspiration board you can always change up, or a couple of photos of those that mean a lot to you, having these things in your line of sight will make you feel less disconnected. They also give you the perfect opportunity to make the space a tad more interesting with a pop of color among all the neutrals.

The way your office looks is more important than it meets the eye. Boost the space with some of the aforementioned methods and you’ll feel more inspired immediately!

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