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There is no doubt about it that social media plays a key role in increasing your brand visibility and awareness. But did you know ecommerce businesses can turn likes and shares into sales and profits? A poll suggests that the purchase decision of 45% of online shoppers is greatly influenced by online reviews, comments and feedback on social media networks. While 44% said that receiving promotional offers influenced their shopping behavior.

With a number of social media networks available today, ecommerce business owners can take full advantage of it to convert social media traffic to generate new sales. Here are some amazing ways for online retailers to make the most out of their social media traffic and increase sales.

Offer Exclusive Offers

The most amazing way to use your social media following in order to increase your sales is to offer discount offers. You can encourage them to make a purchase by offering exclusive discount offers via sponsored posts. This way, you will be able to grab the attention of more and new users.

Create a Seamless Experience

Your social media channels can drive interested people to your website in the most effective way. But one of the challenges many ecommerce business owners face is the sudden drop in customer engagement. So, make the transition from a social media platform to your ecommerce store as cohesive as possible. A web design company Dubai can help you create an awesome design for your website that offers a great UX that make product purchasing a hassle-free process. You can add social proofs to your product pages, so the potential customers can easily convert to your ecommerce product page.


If your brand utilizes more than one social media channel, it is advised to promote each on the other. Give Instagram followers your Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest URLs and vice versa. The more and new ways your audience is exposed to you, the better chance of a conversions down the road.

 Omni-Channel Experiences

It is advised to streamlining the customer experience on every channel to make your brand memorable and effective. It is advised to work with a digital marketing agency that knows how to improve your growth marketing efforts and seamlessly integrate consumer conversions from one platform to the next.

Share Quality, Engaging Content

Social media networks are not just about posting your products or services, these networks are the perfect tool to interact with your customers and prove your brand as an industry expert. Whenever you post a blog, share the link with your social media audience. If you create a how-to video, post it on social media immediately. You can use Instagram Live and Facebook Live to engage your customers in real time and include a strong call-to-action.

People are more likely to do business with brands that are genuine and authentic. Your customers don’t want to respond cold sale pitches, they want some personal touch.  So, besides posting about your product and services, make sure to share the content that is interesting, engaging instagram stories and informative to increase user engagement.

Mobile-First Approach

Modern customers are tech savvy, they use smartphones to search for their desired products. If your website isn’t mobile optimized, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. They don’t prefer to interact through social media channels with a brand that doesn’t have a mobile friendly website. It shows that they won’t be giving your business a chance. You can work with an experienced team of mobile app developers in Dubai to make sure your website is responsive, adaptable and adjusts according to every screen size, platform and orientation or  you can learn android app development and start making your own living.

Provide Multiple Contact Details

This is the most obvious feature that you simply can’t afford to ignore. It is highly recommended to offer multiple contact methods, such as email address, phone number, website address, so that people can easily reach you.

Include Call-to-Action

Your social media channels have the one major purpose, to drive more and new customers and keep existing ones engaged. You need to make it clear to your potential customers how they can find your products or services. Do they need to schedule an appointment or make a call, or drop an email? Specify a call-to-action so that your prospects know the method they need to get your products or services.

Following these easy and simple tips will certainly help you attract more qualified leads to your website, ultimately lead to more conversions, sales and profits and for more tech and marketing related topics visit writing trend.


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