A complete guide To Lodge a successful 476 Skilled graduate visa application

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A complete guide To Lodge a successful 476 Skilled graduate visa application

All engineering graduates out there await good news! You people can now optimize your engineering skills and qualifications in the best possible way! Thinking what that good news is all about? Well, the reply to your question is the 476 Skilled graduate visa offered by a nation like Australia. This is basically a temporary visa and lets you work in Australia for 18 months. What’s more, you can also attain Permanent Residency in Australia with this visa. 

Main Eligibility Criteria 

There are several eligibility criteria that you must meet to apply for the visa subclass 476 successfully. These 476 visa eligibility requirements have been given below for you to consider. 

Age Criterion

You should be less than 31 years while applying for this visa. 

English Language Requirement

When applying for the 476 visas, you should prove that you are reasonably competent in the English language. To prove this you must substantiate that you have qualified in any of the following English language tests. 

  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) with a total score of 169 and 154 in each band. 
  • TOEFL iBT (Internet-oriented exam) with a minimum score of 14 in Writing and Speaking. Aside from that, you must obtain a score of at least 4 in Reading and Listening. You must obtain a total score of 64 to crack this particular English test successfully.
  • Pearson (PTE Academic) with a minimum score of 36 in each band and a total score of 64. 
  • Occupational English Test with a gradation of B in each band to ensure its successful completion. 
  • IELTS (either general or academic training) with a score of at least 5 in each band and 6 altogether.

When applying for the Subclass 476 Visa you won’t have to qualify in an English language test but on one condition. This requires you to be the passport holder of New Zealand, Canada, USA, Ireland, or the UK. 

Academic Criteria

The academic requirements firstly need you to possess a substantial engineering qualification. You should have obtained this qualification in a bachelor’s or higher level. This implies that the qualification can either be at the graduation, post-graduation, or Ph.D. level.

This qualification can also be in the form of a post-graduate diploma degree. Besides, you should obtain your qualification from an institution approved by the Washington Accord or the Australian immigration department. You should have acquired your qualification at least two years before applying. 

Health and Character Requirements

Don’t miss out on meeting any of the health and character requirements while applying for this visa as well.

Eligible Disciplines 

This is an imperative 476 visa requirement which comprises a crucial part of the visa application procedure. According to this, you must obtain your engineering qualification in any of the disciplines outlined below. 

  • Civil Engineering 
  • Mining Engineering 
  • Material Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering 
  • Structural Engineering and
  • Plant and Production Engineering etc. 

It may happen that you have studied in a college/university which is recognized by a famous academic institution. In that case, the fulfillment of your academic requirements will be considered invalid. 

A glimpse of the processing time

The subclass 476 processing time is not unreasonably lengthy. The entire procedure gets over with a period of 3 to months. Aside from that, the processing time might differ somewhat according to the changing situations of each applicant. 

Things you can do 

The skilled recognized graduate visa 476 lets you do several things. With the skilled recognized graduate visa you can:

  • Attain a Permanent Residency in Australia after meeting the eligibility requirements effectively. 
  • Travel from and to Australia as long as your 476 Skilled Visa Australia remains valid. 
  • Work, study and live in Australia for 18 months.

Remember, that you don’t have to obtain a certain score to acquire this visa successfully. This is because this visa is not at all points-oriented. 

Inclusion of Family Members

The skilled recognized graduate visa 476 allows you to bring certain family members along with you. These include only your marital, de-facto or same-sex partners and dependent children. 

skilled recognized graduate visa 476: A Pathway to Permanent Residency

As you already know that the 476 skilled graduate visa doesn’t allow you to stay in Australia for more than 18 months. That’s why it cannot be extended. So, how to attain a Permanent Residency in Australia with the 476 visas? Well, there is nothing to stress as several other visa options can serve this purpose effectively. A few of these visa categories can be considered below. 

Visa Subclass 489

This visa is apt for applicants who are already residing in regional Australia or are planning to do so.

Visa Subclass 190

You can apply for this visa if you have been selected by an Australian territory or state. 

Visa Subclass 189

The 189 visa subclass is a points-tested visa that requires you to obtain a minimum score of 60 points. Once approved you can stay and work in Australia as a permanent resident with this visa. 

Visa Subclass 186

This employer-sponsored visa requires you to be nominated by a valid Australian employer to fill a skilled position. Once you comply with this criterion you can apply for this visa unhesitatingly. 

Final thoughts!

Hopefully, the write-up above has proven to be a comprehensive subclass 476 checklists for you. You too can apply for this visa successfully in the assistance of a top-notch Migration Agent Adelaide, Australia. Your Immigration Agent Adelaide will leave no stone unturned to ensure the best visa application for you. Once you get your visa, don’t forget to participate in auto shows. Here is you can find auto show schedules.

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