A Guide to the Importance of Anchor-Text Optimization

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A Guide to the Importance of Anchor-Text Optimization

What is a website known for?

In the real world, people relate brands with something directly. For instance, Microsoft is known for Windows, Apple is known for its innovative founder and the iPhone. Ideally, a brand wants to be known for the things that give it a positive perception. For instance, if your brand creates a bad product, you don’t want to be known for that bad product.

In the SEO game, it is important for SEOs to ask the same question of their website – what is my website known for?

There are many vague answers, but there is a clear way search engines gauge and determine what exactly a website is known for.

The answer is anchor text.

What is Anchor Text?

Say your website is essentially home to content on home remedies for common medical problems. You get a backlink from another website one day. The website linked the phrase ‘easy to follow medical advise’ on their blog post with your website URL.

To a search engine, this phrase is the anchor text. A search engine would see this phrase and connect it to your website. Since the phrase is relevant to your actual website content, search engines are likely to rank you higher on SERPs as other websites are validating your presence in the niche.

Why is Anchor Text Important?

To a search engine, your anchor text is what your website is known for. If your anchor text is not relevant to your blog content, you’re likely to get downgraded on search rankings.

Thus, it is vital for your website to have anchor text that directly relates to the type of content you’re writing and the audience you want to reach. If you’re running an e-commerce website for shoes, an anchor text like ‘Adidas shoes online’ or ‘Nike sneakers’ is relevant and something your website should be known for.

How to Optimize Anchor Text?

The anchor text of a website can be optimized by a more robust link building. While creating backlinks for their website, SEOs should make sure the right key phrase is linked back to the website in order to improve the anchor text optimality.

Better internal linking on the website is also a great way to bring some level of anchor text optimality.

It is important to study the different types of anchor texts that can improve the SERP positions of a website. Using the same keyword as the anchor text can be problematic as well.

Anchor text is a legitimate SEO factor outlined by Google in its guidelines. While it may not get as much traction as content and backlinks, it is still important when it comes to final SERP rankings.

In Conclusion

In this article, we give readers an insight into why the anchor text of a website is important and how it can be optimized over a period of time for better SEO outcomes.

About the Author – ManasParth is a marketing executive and SEO expert currently working at a top MNC and alumni of DelhiCourses.in, a training institute known for providing the best digital marketing course in Delhi.

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