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HONOR Bluetooth Mouse

After entering the workplace, many people feel that they lack a powerful office mouse suitable for themselves. I’d like to share with you the latest HONOR Bluetooth Mouse of HUAWEI. This article explains its benefits to white-collar workers from various aspects. Especially those people who often go out to work.

First of all, HONOR Bluetooth Mouse is a Bluetooth Mouse. It does not require any wires; users can operate it at will. You don’t have to worry about the wire affecting the operation. When you go out to work, if you still hold a wired office mouse, others may have a bad impression of you. Its beautiful shape and color will help you with your work.

Second, the HONOR Bluetooth Mouse has a hard shell. It will not cause any damage to the collision. Moreover, if there is non-artificial damage to the mouse, it can be repaired free of charge in HUAWEI store within two years.

Third, the HONOR Bluetooth Mouse has a unique feature. The common Bluetooth Mouse on the market has a short battery life. Many people use rechargeable batteries. This is a fatal defect for Bluetooth Mouse. HUAWEI’s mouse has a longer battery life than ordinary one. It uses an algorithm developed by HUAWEI and will automatically enter a sleep state when no one controls it. However, to wake up the mouse again, you need to touch the mouse and it will resume work within three seconds. This sleep state increases battery life of the mouse.

Fourth, HONOR Bluetooth Mouse has powerful infrared technology. Its TOG sensor uses IR infrared sensor inside. It uses the suitable algorithm to adjust. This mouse can be used on glass surface and has ultra-high sensitivity. Such a processor and a hard shell allow the mouse to run under many special circumstances without affecting the user’s work.

The fifth point is its touch. Its appearance adopts a comfortable design. This makes using the mouse a pleasure. Its appearance adopts the most suitable wrist design and can fit the hand. Let each click of the mouse not cause any damage to the user’s wrist and palm.

Sixth, after-sales service. You can buy HONOR Bluetooth Mouse at HUAWEI Experience Store and HUAWEI Online Shopping Mall. You can enjoy the maintenance service for two years. Users don’t have to worry about problems.

That’s all. I hope this article can help you when you buy HONOR Bluetooth Mouse.

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