Advice From Social Media Experts on Tactics and Tricks for Long-Term Success

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Advice From Social Media Experts on Tactics and Tricks for Long-Term Success

If you think working on social media requires a more creative and abstract approach than technical practices like SEO and PPC, you’re not wrong.

Social media has its share of technicalities, but it is largely a place where creativity and unique attributes are rewarded. This distinction between social media and other forms of marketing makes working on the former a unique challenge.

Many companies with good SEO and PPC performance do not have as much success on social media. This is because unlike these technical processes, success on social media is more abstract.

In this article, we will discuss some advice given by top marketers on the practises needed for long-term success on social media.

Highlight Humane Aspects of Company

People generally don’t like to follow or engage with company social media profiles because they seem too mechanical. The job of marketers is to make their social media profiles appeal to the emotions of the general audience and get greater engagement as a result.

As a brand on social media, appearing human is crucial to building a social media following that brings long term success.

This also means a brand has to adopt a voice and personality on social media. Keep in mind that the voice and personality chosen should match the attributes of the target audience. For instance, if you’re running a fintech company, your social media voice should be serious and dry yet not lacking a sense of humour and general awareness of the surroundings. As a brand with a younger target demographic, being humorous and smart is a good idea (see Netflix on Twitter).

Platform-Specific Content

When posting content, many social media execs cut their workload by making one post for all social media channels. Herein lies a major fault. People on each platform are of a different kind. People on LinkedIn have a different expectation when compared to people on Facebook or Instagram. Thus, creating different content from each platform is crucial.

Choose the Right Platforms

As mentioned in the point before, creating content for different platforms is important. However, creating so much content can be challenging. This is why it is important to choose 2-3 platforms and not make a splash everywhere.

Marketers should be able to recognize which platforms have a greater presence of their target audience. Once this is done, content for each platform can be created.

In Conclusion

In this article, we covered some tips offered by social media experts on the tactics and tricks needed for long-term success in the field.

About the Author – KashishAwasthi is a well-known social media manager currently working at, the highest-ranked institute for a digital marketing course in Delhi.

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