AI And Machine Learning Are Saving The Livelihoods Of Thousands Of Indians: A Deeper Look

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AI And Machine Learning Are Saving The Livelihoods Of Thousands Of Indians: A Deeper Look

People with prior knowledge of advanced computation can learn about AI and machine learning relatively easily. Globally, these people are an integral part of the IT industry. IT services are most required in largely digitized countries. In order to maintain their boisterous digital infrastructure, Developed nations tend to outsource a lot of work. The Indian IT industry is globally known for delivering products and services at cheaper costs.

Since the emergence of Infosys, Wipro, TCS and all the giants in the industry many smaller firms and startups started to go international, increasing in volume with time. This model of collective growth is the fueling factor for the Indian IT industry. Unfortunately, most of the energy of this industry is directed outwards. The industry thrives on business with developed nations. Ties with private and public sectors abroad. With the market almost saturated, maintenance and service are gaining more priority over innovation and development. As a result, the industry is in a stagnant state.

After the pandemic ravaged the major world economies. The funding and outsourcing were reduced significantly in order to keep the costs in check. The Indian industry suffered the most due to this change in mindset.

The ordeals

What Indian IT professionals face today is the workload of mundane tasks. These tasks reduce productivity greatly by imposing exhaustion. The people handling the tasks face extreme fatigue and are rendered less productive. Due to the priority of providing and maintaining a load of these tasks like server and software maintenance the load received a hike. Additionally, this value draining work got even worse after the global economic recession started.

The COVID19 pandemic worsened the situation and the major economies came crashing down. As a result, the Indian industry lost the majority of work and funding. The situation culminated in job losses, salary deductions etc.

The startups concentrating on essential services hired a bulk of these skilled but unemployed professionals and the rest were left with uncertainty. Diversification and flexibility became the key to survival.

The culmination of a stagnant maintenance mindset and financial limitations is gradually ruining the industry. In this situation, most of the struggles are being dealt with by the startups, companies with limited funding and resources. Job losses in this sector are significantly high.

The solution

Given the sudden demand for heightened efficiency, public and commercial sectors are leaning more and more towards machine learning and artificial intelligence for error-prone tasks. Alongside increasing the accuracy this measure saves time and boosts the value of human labour.

The Indian IT companies are known for performing routine server maintenance works and updating old products. This task can be easily outsourced if AI and ML are deployed without any boundaries.

In the public sector, the deployment of AI will result in the deployment of people with knowledge and skill with AI. The IT professionals with all the experiences are the ideal candidates for this job. The development and training of ML models and AI can be done with proper knowledge incubation. An average IT professional poses a significant portion of this knowledge beforehand.

For instance, The health and traffic industries are already recruiting engineers and IT professionals in order to maintain the vast digital infrastructure. The recently unemployed lot of IT professionals if possessing enough knowledge of AI and ML can be deployed with much-needed finesse in maintaining the health traffic infrastructure.

Author’s note

Given the gradual recovery of the IT industry, only unemployed IT professionals can not satisfy the need for adept labour. The time is ripe for the layman to take up arms and contribute to this war of efficiency. It will be wise to relocate to cities hosting IT industries. There the bulk of educational institutions will undoubtedly exist. Relocation is one of these cities for AI and machine learning courses will bring a lot of opportunities.

For instance, a student studying in a major IT hub can not only avail of the best IT education possible but also the networking opportunity is huge. At work, training is of the essence and residing in a relevant place makes it easier to avail to that. Additionally, the presence of a pre-existing community will ensure all kinds of support from basic necessities to advanced knowledge.

Additionally, living among these people will automatically build a network. This network might include seniors from college and employers willing to recruit freshers. With all the visible blessings on offer, shifting from IT to AI and ML is a lucrative proposition.

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