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Know 5 Websites in the World

A website is relatively collection of web pages developed by web developers. It is a platform for users to visit the website of their own choice. There are thousands of websites available on the internet. Entertainment, clothing, shopping etc. all kind of websites are available on the internet. Each website has a unique domain name with a common purpose.

Here some websites are reviewed to be the top best websites visited by millions of users from all over the world.

1.     Survey Junkie Review

Survey junkie review is a paid survey website which gives the user the platform to take online surveys and get paid easily when they reach the limit of $10. It is a legit website and allows its users to earn online easily. Users can achieve points by taking surveys. Companies from all over the world need reviews and surveys regarding their products.

You can redeem your points in the form of cash or by gift cards of Amazon, Starbucks and other brands. Minimum of $10 is needed to redeem points. You can join this website by giving your details in just two minutes. Survey Junkie has a great Credit Card offer similar to Doubleyourline. And it’s amazing to watch it.


YouTube is the best website for viewing videos and all the stuff you want to watch. Millions of people watch millions of videos on this website every day. You can find all the material you want to watch. YouTube has now launched its app for kids. Kids watch all kind of stuff on their app.

YouTube gives the user the platform to produce their material and earn by gaining subscribers. Now millions of users are creating a huge amount of revenue by uploading their stuff on this website.

YouTube became the no 1 website in the last 2 months because of viewers and subscribers.


Amazon is one of the biggest shopping websites in the world. It is an American website that sells almost everything including books, magazines, toys, clothes, appliances etc. Amazon CEO is one of the richest men in the world. It also provides web services includes renting data storage and computing resources. This website has a large number of traffic from America and Asia.

It also provides users with the platform to register their shops on the website and start selling their products worldwide. has billion of customers. It has now become a book publishing market.


Netflix is one of the best movies and series watching platform. It has changed the TV industry through his premium stuff. Millions of users subscribe to Netflix each day. It is a premium and paid website where you can watch all the TV shows, series and movies etc. Netflix gains popularity in the last 2 years because people start watching series and they are addicted to this website.

By paying $20, you can have access to thousands of movies. Watch anytime at any place. It allows users to download the movies. 21 million people in the US have cancelled their TV services due to this website and the expects 34 million people by 2023.

5. Nerd wallet

Nerd wallet is one of the biggest financial websites in the market. It promotes various offers like Platinumoffer, Indigoapply & more. Most people go there for financial advice.

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