Amazing Board Games That Will Keep You Engaged During Social Distancing

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Amazing Board Games That Will Keep You Engaged During Social Distancing

Since the outbreak of COVID19, everyone is advised to stay at home for personal safety. We cannot deny the fact that months of lockdown have increased emotional stress, frustration, and depression. People are not only taking precautions but also keeping a distance from others to avoid the spread of the virus. In this global panic, we all urge to go back to the normal routine and enjoy living like before. But, this global pandemic has something to bring us a lifetime challenge that we shouldn’t ignore at all. In this crucial time, people are busy doing random stuff from home, managing house chores, official projects, testing their cooking skills, or playing a variety of games. The best part is that we all are still engaged in any of the work during social distancing. When talking about games, why not we look at some interesting mobile phone games which can make you feel better in this social distancing phase? Let’s explore which board games are popular in 2020 and can change your mood easily. 

[N] Board Games That Can Release Your Stress Level During Social Distancing 

1. Ludo Star 2 

The most popular we could all see is Ludo Star 2. People from all around the world have given this board game huge attention that everyone is spending hours on winning competitions with their friends.This amazing game can be played with your friends and family without paying an extra buck. You can download Ludo Star 2 free from the play store and beat your enemies by scoring yourself high. Irrespective of the age factor, everyone loves to play Ludo, whether it is on the mobile phone or physical board. Other than this, the recent update has introduced another exciting game, which we used to play in the physical board game too – snakes and ladders. The interface is user-friendly, while the colors are so subtle that anyone can easily dive into the theme without worrying about the situation anymore. 

2. Carrom Pool 

Another exciting board game that can ease your social distancing is a carrom pool. It is a multi-player board game, which is also available on your play store and is free to download. It has a very smooth interface that makes it more interesting to participate in the competition. The game can become trickier if you are not aware of its dynamics. With great physics and innumerable strategies, it allows you to play against the opponents and beat the game. Unlike Ludo Star 2, Carrom Pool is quite challenging, and you have to indulge in the game to become a winner. The one thing that you can find common in both games is that the player can choose both online and offline modes to continue playing the game. You should try the game at least once, and then you will notice how interesting it is to beat the boredom in lockdown. 

3. UNO 

Playing a game during social distancing is all about keeping yourself engaged and energetic. Such traditional games are worth playing and investing time. So, you should give it a chance and leave aside all the worries. Among these board games, you should also try a card game, which can be played with multiple players. UNO is our most favourite traditional game, which is now available in a digital version as well. It has amazing tournaments, adventures, and new rules to beat your opponent. The game is as interesting as it is played physically. Even you can view its gaming logo design and know how it is letting you reminisce about your childhood times. It has no age limits – play the game and earn rewards after winning the tournament. 

4. Monopoly 

There is another way to say goodbye to the boring days and entertain yourself by playing a mobile game. It isn’t easy to let go of the things going in your mind, but this board game will keep you involved, no matter what the time is. Again, the monopoly has two gaming modes, i.e., either you play online or offline. The multiplayer game allows you to understand the strategies and give your shot that will blow the mind of your opponents on the spot. It has absolutely outstanding graphics and easy controls. You can find tons of versions and makers on the play store. Choose the game, which has the best reviews and provides great unlimited experiences for free. 

Final Thoughts 

The current situation has affected our emotions to a great extent. Every one of us is keeping themselves involved in different activities to get rid of the stresses and move on. But this isn’t that easy. You have to keep yourself busy in some engaging stuff that will make you relax and come out of the stress easily. The above list of board games is normally played. But, the situation today has taken it to the next level. If you have not explored these games yet, then this is the time to play and challenge your luck. 

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