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android game development and stages

Android gamers represent 78% of the global mobile gaming market and can be worth eight times more than iOS players.

This impressive statistic tells us about the popularity of Android, a free, open-source software introduced by Google in 2008. All it took was its integration into the mobile game industry to provide the gamers with flexibility, portability, and excellent user experience. 

Besides the interactive features, an efficient software ecosystem, intuitive and smooth user interface, customizable look and feel, developer-friendly characteristics are available in this platform. This platform has been ensuring that a game reaches maximum users through various multiple gadgets like personal computers, television, wristwatches, digital cameras, tablets, and touchscreen smartphones. 

The essence of digitization and the prominence of smartphones has brought along a wave of advancement in various fields, the android game development industry being one of them. Android has hence reflected high potential and has been able to provide safety and stability to games. 

Android Game Development Industry 2020

The Android game development industry today is booming and going quite well for the developers and gaming companies. While the Android app store, also called the Google play store, does not limit the users and lets people download many games for free and without any difficulty. 

When you have a user-friendly design and graphic packed android features, a game delivers high performance. However, you are already aware that a team of skilled game app developers can turn an idea into a real game that sells in the market and generates high revenue if it is executed correctly. Keeping that in mind, this is incredibly relevant for a game to impart newness to the player with an experience the gamer has never had before. 

You may find it interesting to know that Android provides the developers with the capability to develop android games for multiple platforms with no restrictions to add or remove certain features to their apps. 

The Android app store also permits many games to be downloaded without any difficulties or limitations. Finally, Android also allows distributing your app using your channels or website without submitting your app to the Google app store for approval and review.

Nevertheless, when creating a game, it is crucial to be cognizant that a game has to be user-friendly, engaging, should possess vibrant graphics, and give out immaculate performance. Enabling the game design and components that look dazzling and function correctly across most Android devices could come as a real challenge to Android developers. 

I would further like to dwell on the development process, which I have put out in a framework for you to understand the three stages involved in creating a successful game exclusively.


The pre-production process focuses on the idea or concept of the video game. The notion includes the storyline, the genre, characters, core mechanics, environment, lucrative strategy, and difficulty levels. All of these come together to craft a game.

Before the developers begin developing, there is a project estimation that needs to be worked. The cost involved in building an android game development depends on questions like what game you want to create and the procedure you want to follow to create it. 

Other certain variables that the client should consider when calculating the estimate for video game development are as follows:

  • The types of platform 
  • Game complexity, 
  • Game type (Android 2D or 3D game development)
  • Number of people involved for the project (an agency or a freelancer)
  • Design and construction cost
  • Number of characters (avatar)
  • Key features of the game

Nevertheless, offshoring reduces the game development cost to a great extent cutting up to 50% of the total price. It also can overcome many other challenges faced during the process. Incorporating technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Augmented reality, IoT, and more comes with their own additional cost.

Requirement Analysis helps organizations meet the demands of the user. According to the features that one wants in his/ her game, the project manager allocates resources. The game designer prepares a storyboard based on the Software Requirement of the customers.


Production isn’t just another stage in game development but the most important one. It includes a Game design. It is said that using an appropriate platform and engine to create a game is crucial, and it demands the programming skills to craft a competitor to the current top mobile games. The platform a programmer will choose to design the game will determine the programming language that will be used for android game development. For instance, Java game development, and C++ game development for Android, Objective C works for iOS. 

While designing characters, the surrounding, and other elements, the designer has to make sure the visuals, the color used. Also, the designer makes sure that art styles are compatible and aligned with the ones decided in the planning phase. There is a lot of effort and resources to design models, render and iterate them to look as planned. Design audio, and insert effects for the sounds to feel authentic and craft environments that look dynamic and immersive. 

Placeholder assets are the low-quality assets designed to replace them with the final high-quality ones later. It saves the project, time, and money. The game design has two original parts to it, which are described below.

  1. Game concept art design includes the style of the game, preparing 2-D sketches of the characters, and other elements in the game as per the client’s expectations. Paying attention to minute detailing, adding depth to the game, and polishing the final work will make a concept art life-like and take game designing to the next level.
  2. On the other hand, Art development includes developing 3D characters or models of the 2D sketches using software like Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and more. This phase involves –
  • Modeling 
  • Texturing 
  • UV Unwrapping 
  • Rigging 
  • Animation, and 
  • Visual Effects


The answer to what is included in the final stage is testing the finished product and redesigning it. If necessary, then packaging and marketing or promotion of the game to reach the maximum audience. The pre-alpha stage of android game development is where the content is developed after some big decisions are made, like the addition and deletion of elements to improve gameplay. After that, the developer reviews the code and perform alpha and beta testing. Besides, the developer carries out bug fixing with the coding.

Quality Assurance Testing (QA Testing) – Android works on versatile platforms hand ait is necessary that the game is tested on the platforms it is designed on. The final product should undergo certain levels of thorough testing for features, functionality, UX, game bugs, and impressive dialogues. So, you can keep a check on the quality of the game. There are even several playtesters that test the stress and fun factor of the video game. After exhaustive testing and iterations or redesigning, the game is set. Developers can package into a deliverable version and promotion to reach a broader audience.


Many Game development companies offer skillful and efficient people for you to hire android game developers. They can subdue challenges like meeting strict deadlines and putting in unduly hard work to create immersive and entertaining games. Hence, outsourcing game design and development tasks is a great idea, after all. Choose game app developers for the job who use Unity android development to develop games that leverage multiple platform support. It allows them to export the games to different platforms like iOS, Android, Web, PC, Mac, Consoles, TV, and VR/XR. The blog covers the stages of android game development and everything else related. So that you ace the android game development process.

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