What qualifications do you need to do an art foundation course?

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art foundation course?

A traditional art foundation course follows a regime of drawing, exploratory, research methods and mixed media to develop practical skills. If the subject of art and design excites you to find out what makes you eligible to apply for an art and design foundation programme.

art foundation course?

What does an Art Foundation course entail?

The art and design foundation programme are typically considered an introductory bridging course. It is tailored to help you make the transition from secondary education (like the A-Levels and Highers) to specialist art and design education. You may also utilise this as preparation for future employment.

You can finish this course within a year’s time. Students are sure to benefit from the broad-based curriculum, as you can choose from a range of specialisms before settling upon your specialised degree course.

Art foundation courses are considered of the highest level if you have chosen a good university to study at and ware of an awarding body assessing and validating your degree. 

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Why should you opt for an Art Foundation programme?

Art foundation programmes can help you explore your creative abilities and figure out which areas interest you the most.

It can assist you in getting into a university, as most of the undergraduate art and design degrees require a level of specialist knowledge of art and relevant skills that are not taught in secondary education. Many academic institutions prefer you to qualify an art foundation diploma before applying, although it is not an essential qualification.

As part of the course curricula, you will have to prepare a portfolio to hasten your university application. You can also choose to submit a portfolio and succeed in an interview without having to take up an internship beforehand.

An art foundation diploma can also come handy if you are looking to study a different form of art at a university, like interior designing and architecture. They are often accepted as one of a range of qualifications to apply for a higher education programme.

Keep in mind to check the entry requirements for an art foundation course that interests you, as criteria will change depending on the university or course.

Who can apply to this Art Foundation course?

All applicants are expected to keep up to the minimum eligibility, which is a higher secondary certificate examination (10+2) qualification with at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised educational Board.

If you are willing to get real-time training on exciting and interesting approaches to designing techniques, then apply for the foundation art course in London. The course will give you the chance to explore a wide range of creative fields, developing skills and knowledge, all-in-all preparing you for further educational and career-based opportunities in the art and design sector.


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