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ASUS X509JA – Full HD Laptop Intel Core i3-1005G1

The ASUS X509JA might be one of your smartest choices when it comes to mid-range laptops. Why we are saying so can be self-explanatory in our today’s review on ASUS X509JA- EJO25T. Before jumping on the detailed review, few highpoints to notice about this laptop are considerably its adequate storage with Intel’s core i3 processor. This core-i3 processor is best suited for laptops which need to be worked on daily for extensive job hours, excluding the incredibly heavier applications usage. While we dug into this laptop, the battery pack also impressed us with its amazing long-lasting capability. The expectation bar isn’t supposed to be much higher with ASUS X509JA, but with this affordable price you might be getting the best laptop deal in UK.

The ASUS X509JA is more of an everyday life laptop, rather than signifying its power for high-level gaming or exceedingly complex applications. You can although find up to core-i7 versions of this laptop, but this version according to our analysis gives the best value for its money. ASUS has contributed this laptop in one of its affordable laptops range, which is highly suitable for casual users like students, job workers or traditional users.

If you are opting for a worth buying laptop for a basic usage, the ASUS X509JA- EJO25T is one in the list. It makes your daily life convenient with its helpful use and portability, without consuming extremely high-oriented power. Let’s find out more about this laptop.



  • Great value for money
  • Sufficient performance
  • Sturdy & robust build
  • Good battery

Not Great

  • Entirely Plastic Build
  • Average screen
  • Typical design


  • Processor: Intel Core i3-1005G1 | 1.20GHz – 3.40GHz Max Turbo Speed
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch screen with Full HD (1920X1080) Resolution
  • GPU: Integrated Graphics Intel UHD
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • SKU: X509JA-EJ025T

Design & Build- The Sturdy Plastic Case

Not many will be greatly fascinated by the design ASUS X509JA- EJO25T aims to offer us, but it hasn’t claimed any unnecessary fanciness too. So, we were satisfied with the almost all plastic wrapped body with a brushed metal finish on its lid. The laptop may not feel as lightweight or slim at first as other Notebooks, but the 1.9kg weight elaborates that it’s somehow portable enough. It’s not on the ultra-portable side, as we get so many options that prove to be ultra slim and ultraportable. However, this laptop can be carried along without any heavy burden with its 22.9 mm thinness.

The laptop chassis consists of reinforced metal and includes a metal brace plate to enhance rigidness of the keyboard. The display and hinges are supported by the extra similar metal plate that makes the lid open and close smoothly. You wouldn’t notice any uniqueness in its design as it’s made with the basic material, but the dense quality makes it a sturdy option available in the market.


The performance of ASUS X509JA lives up to potentials that it promises with its core-i3 processor. ASUS has equipped this mid-ranger with Intel’s core i3 that is well accorded to run usual programs, files or software. The processor boosts up to maximum turbo speed ranging from 1.20 GHz to 3.40GHz, which is standardized to load average programs or data. If you are an online worker and a vast documentation expert, this laptop is pretty excellent in jotting down lengthy data and assembling files altogether.

The 8GB of RAM comes with a perfect blend of 256GB in this value that allows multitasking and enhances the productivity to its best. The graphics solution isn’t top-notch but the Integrated graphics by Intel here works well to visualize casual videos and general games.

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The 15.6-inch display is larger and comes with TN panel, which isn’t great for viewing angles. The anti-glare panel used in the display offers up to 178-degree viewpoint and you get 82% screen-to-body ratio. Comparing to the 7mm thin bezels, the ASUS X509JA justifies the colour optimization to feel more natural on the screen. However, with a screen ratio of 16:9 and pixel density of 142 ppi, we can’t expect perfection. Still, within its frame the screen reaction times are quick enough and the backlight is comfortable.


ASUS X509JA battery pack is equipped with 32 Wh battery and surprisingly sustains up to 9 hours with 120 Nits brightness on, and up to 6 hours or more with consecutive video playback. This is more than what one could expect from a 32Wh, so we would like to rate its battery to 100% performance. This battery doesn’t last extravagantly longer, but leads to provide some good long-lasting capability within its territory. It will be in great use for students and job owners.


The ASUS X509JA lacks nowhere behind in providing excellent value for its money. If you were in constant hunt of finding the best laptop in its budget for casual use, this laptop can up-work for you in any way. Not only the good keyboard, solid build and long-lasting battery keeps it up to mark, but the decent level performance makes it a reliable machine. You can also find this laptop on amazing deal these days at Laptop outlet, so remember to check it out!

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