Athena EMR vs. Centricity EMR – Which One to Choose?

Athena EMR

However, the rapid development of electronic medical record (EMR) systems may make it difficult to manage and maintain conventional clinical practices employing outmoded medical procedures. Anyone who wants to develop a development mindset and progress in their chosen industry must be open to new forms of technology. Selecting and implementing a flexible, user-friendly, and effective strategy is, thus, beneficial in the modern EMR industry.

Athena EMR and Centricity EMR are excellent examples of electronic medical record (EMR) systems, among many others. Numerous healthcare experts are already making use of these systems because of the many advantages they provide.

This article will assist you in choosing between Athena EMR and Centricity EMR by providing a detailed comparison of the two. When deciding whether or not an electronic medical record (EMR) platform is the best option for your healthcare providers, we recommend writing down the clinical goals you hope to achieve with this system.

The following comparison of Athena EMR vs. Centricity EMR is provided to assist you in making your decision (EMR).

Athena EMR:

Athena Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is used by over a hundred thousand physicians worldwide and can be adapted to fit any size clinic. With Athena EMR, you can easily keep track of your patients’ appointments, medication refills, and telemedicine sessions, all from your computer. This all-encompassing healthcare and procedural solution include a wide range of resources to improve medical productivity and reduce unnecessary repetition.

Athena EMR incorporates many technologies, including those used for clinical core tools, network technology, and billing and claims management. This all-inclusive suite is perfect for physicians who would rather not have to use many applications because it handles everything, as we often get to see in Athena EMR reviews.

The Athena EMR system has fast become the standard because of its many benefits to doctors. Notably, it may integrate with healthcare to increase productivity. You can get an overview of these tools by getting an Athena EMR demo.

Perks of Athena EMR:

  • Athena EMR simplifies and expedites the process of handling patient records. It may save a limitless amount of information and provide you with weekly or monthly reports. Various conclusions can be drawn from the data after applying these filters. With Athena EMR’s straightforward monitoring procedure, you can quickly get historical information like the system’s functionality and when an examination was performed.
  • The patient portal in Athena EMR is a significant selling point for the software. These programs’ primary focus is getting patients more involved in their healthcare activities for their facility. Accessing information, scheduling appointments, generating bills, and conducting health checks are all made possible by HIPAA-compliant communication between healthcare providers and patients.
  • Athena EMR users benefit significantly from the system’s efficiency and versatility. Electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems from athenaClinics allow doctors to see a patient’s complete medical history. The AthenaOne app allows users to view medical records from their mobile devices. Athena EMR has far more robust interfaces with third-party systems than its competitors.

Athena EMR Reviews:

Users and critics alike have praised the system for its intuitive interface and robust features, evident in Athena EMR reviews. The system’s user-friendliness may help the number of patients who use EMR systems and find them overwhelming. However, complementary ways also produce the expected results of this system. Many satisfied customers have lauded Athena EMR’s secure billing process.

Those curious about the features and potential benefits of the Athena EMR demo can always be a turning point for you, whether it is suitable for you or not.

Centricity EMR:

If you want to give your patients the most efficient care possible, you should probably start using the Centricity EMR, say several consultants and specialists on electronic medical records. There are several helpful features and utilities built into this system. When it comes to maintaining medical records digitally, the Centricity EMR solution is comprehensive. As a result, your facility’s bottom line will grow, its operations will become more efficient, and output will soar a notch higher.

The Centricity EMR is a modern, up-to-date system with several reporting tools that emphasize user care and allow doctors to assess their own quality of healthcare compared to those of their colleagues around the country. Workers in hospitals utilizing the Centricity EHR system can participate in salary surveys and annual reviews.

In addition to cardiologists, oncologists, electrophysiologists, breast surgeons, and neurologists, many other medical fields could also profit from its use. As per GE Healthcare, Centricity EMR makes it simple to collaborate with a wide variety of high-priority healthcare resources and receive expert medical care. Its patient portal lets users view their lab results, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, and view any outstanding balances owed to the healthcare provider.

Perks of Centricity EMR:

  • Data visualization is made more accessible and more efficient by the handwriting scanner and speech recognition capabilities incorporated into the Centricity EMR. In particular, Centricity’s adaptability to your practice’s requirements means you can use normal language rather than cumbersome restrictions.
  • Because of this feature of e-prescribing, physicians can notify pharmacists of patients who require refills, and, based on the patient’s condition, and medications can also indicate any interaction. Users gushing about this feature are common in Centricity EMR reviews. It simplifies keeping track of medications and reduces the likelihood of unwanted drug interactions.
  • Because it facilitates the development and implementation of personalized managing data, the Centricity EMR is already lauded for its potential to help clinicians save time and operate more efficiently. This will free up the team’s time and energy to concentrate on higher-level projects, such as enhancing the level of customer support.
  • The medical reporting system enables analysts to examine patient trends and offers medical facilities a standard against which to evaluate their efficiency.

Centricity EMR Reviews:

To the tune of 76%, according to a survey of over 200+ reviews published on authoritative software review sites. The Centricity EMR allows for automated scheduling, patient tracking, and outreach support, which users deem outstanding functioning tools. Its customers place a premium on e-prescribing and the ability to utilize it in several locations, but the system’s other features are also highly regarded.

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