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Top 10 Unified Communications Solutions Providers in 2020

Unified communication is fast becoming a norm rather than an exception. By 2025 the UC market will exceed $ 167 billion with North American companies accounting for 50% of global revenues. UC witnesses a consistent 8% year on year growth as over 60% of companies are switching over to unified communications. Powering the charge in...


How machine learning is redefining Healthcare industries

Machine learning looks at observations like direct experience or instruction and figures out patterns in data. Also, it predicts events in the future based on those examples. Many industries across the world are taking more and more use of machine learning. Machine learning captures a large amount of data and makes it available globally. Processing...


What should you know about Conveyancing Lawyers Perth?

Are you looking forward to selling your property to someone else? Prior to that you should know that what conveyancing is all about? Conveyancing is nothing but refers to the transfer of a property from seller to the buyer. Well, whether you are the buyer or seller, you need the best legal assistance. In this...

Multi-tenant IP PBX Software

The Advantages of Multi-tenant IP PBX Software for ISPs

Internet service providers cannot simply stick to providing internet access when their infrastructure is capable of offering value added services that add to revenues. One such stream is IP PBX as a Service. Every business, small and large, needs telephony and VoIP through IP PBX is now fast replacing standard PSTN. Jump in right now...


Here’s how firms can ensure accuracy in data entry procedures

Data entry specialists need to process an enormous amount of information daily. Thus, they remain under constant pressure, resulting in an increased possibility of errors. Firms plan their goals, create strategies, and make vital decisions based on the big data generated throughout the organization. Surprisingly, even automated data entry consists of inaccuracies. Such errors prove...


How SBC Software Revolutionizes the Customer Experience

SBC or session border controller works in the background. Users of VoIP technologies may not even know what it is or what it does but if they enjoy seamless call quality and connects the SBC is responsible for the smooth experience. Communication is the key to building, establishing and leveraging the customer connection. VoIP issues...


Guide to Google My Business for small businesses

Google My Business Guide: Today, there are multiple alternatives for an SME to increase its presence on the Internet, but one of the most used and most effective is Google My Business. In this sense, the times of digital transformation are at hand and for small and medium-sized local companies, obtaining greater visibility on the...

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