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How‌ ‌ISPs‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Make‌ ‌Good‌ ‌Use‌ ‌of‌ ‌Multi-tenant‌ ‌IP‌ ‌PBX‌ ‌Software‌ ‌

Internet Service Providers, or ISP as they are known, provide internet access at Tier 3, Tier 2, or Tier 1 level. A typical Tier 2 or 3 ISP may operate within one region or have operations across several regions, each branch serving thousands of customers. The basic service is to give customers internet access. Other...


Iphone Facetime And How Does Facetime Work?

iPhone Facetime:- The Facetime which is an exclusive Video calling platform to your friends and family and your contacts is a pre-installed feature that comes with the Apple iPhone devices, where you can call in with audio as well as video to your friends, family, and dear ones. When Did Iphone Facetime get Started? Facetime...

3 Best Alternatives to Face Time for Android3 Best Alternatives to Face Time for Android

3 Best Alternatives to Face Time for Android

Best Alternatives to FaceTime:- You all must know about Facetime and the Apple software that provide you with these features, but the problem lies in the fact that you can’t use the facetime app if you do not own an Apple iPhone but worry no more, as today we will tell you about the 3...

improve website ranking

What Happens if You Discontinue Website SEO Abruptly?

Nothing is constant in the world of SEO, as Google keeps on updating the policies and algorithms. The objective is to ensure the provision of most relevant search results to the users. As a response, the website owners have to make an effort to ensure up-to-date and relevant information to comply with users’ intent. The...

LMS solutions in Dubai

Top Benefits of LMS Ecommerce Integration You Must Not Ignore

In the age of the internet, it isn’t easy to survive without adapting to modern technology trends. Smartphones, sensors, cloud, laptops, and wireless internet are just a few faces of the technological options that the world has got to offer. With every passing day, all these technologies are becoming more affordable and accessible. Owing to...

How Does a Stylus Pen Work

How Does a Stylus Pen Work?

A pen-shaped gadget with a round rubber chunk that moves easily on touchscreen laptops. This allows the user to “write” on the screen, allowing input of writing, other gestures, and drawings. An instrument used to navigate on-screen. Although modern capacitive touch screens have to a great extent put back these devices, But, there are still...

tips for laptop

5 Essential Tips for Laptop Buying

Man is busy from dawn to dusk and the world has become a global village tremendously. Everyone wants to have their own personal thing.  In this modern era laptop is a common thing that every specimen needs in these days. This portable device is called a standard device among students, businessmen, and even common people....

Optimize our Website for Search Engine

7 Reasons Why You Should Optimize our Website for Search Engine (SEO)

We are in a digital stage where everyone depends on the internet for information resources, which may be products, services, or any other thing you can think of. So if you are into digital marketing or promotion, the internet is a necessary end in resourcing clients and getting products on the go. However, Internet visibility...

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