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Recycling is taking old materials and processing them to make new products. Doing this reduces the waste of potentially useful products and reduces water and air pollution. Before recyclable materials are recycled, they need to be separated into the type of material they are made of and whether or not they can be recycled.

But it is not just our plastics, glass, metals and paper that we recycle. Thanks to a wonderful programme through the Islington council, last year we were able to purchase a subsidized wormery to recycle our food waste into compost and liquid fertilizer for growing my own food. Actually, even though we may think that food thrown into the bin will degrade relatively quickly in the landfills, the biggest problem is the amount of methane, a dangerous green house gas, which it produces in that time. Methane is twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide and a major contribute to climate change. While my wormery cannot accommodate meat products I put all peels and unused fruits and vegetables into it. I should soon be harvesting my first patch of compost…just in time for my summer garden.

If you don’t have the time or the resources to visit car parts dealers individually try searching for vintage car parts on the internet. There are thousands of sites that sell them and you just may find the particular part that you are looking for. Most of these sites offer different types, kinds and brands of antique auto parts.

Search for local auto salvage yards. The Internet is a great place to find junk yards in your area. Enter “auto salvage yards” followed by the name of your city or town and check the results. If you’re using Google, you’ll also see a map returned that will pinpoint the exact locations of nearby yards. Pick up the phone and call each yard and explain what you own and what is wrong with your car. You may be asked about recent repairs and stand out features such as a customized grille, newer wheels and what type of audio system is present.

Online, you can find used auto parts to suit your needs. However, if you want to buy a new auto part, which is a mechanical one, then you have to consider the difference in wear between the adjoining ones. The older your vehicle is, the greater the difference. Therefore, in this case it is better to look for used pieces. If the car is just a few years old, then you can go for factory original parts.

Glass and metals. Unlike plastics, glass and metals you put in recycling bins do not need to be cleaned up so thoroughly. Just rinse them enough to prevent odor, and you’re done. (Saves water too.) That’s because the amount of heat needed to melt these things for recycling is high enough to remove all contamination.

Fixing up your car does not only mean when the car parts and 1993 nissan pathfinder are broken or smashed. It also does not only mean a new paint job. There are so many things that you can do inside the car as well. There are new seat covers you can get according to your price range and style. These covers are so great for an older car that just needs a little help. You can pick beautiful covers and patterns. There are even trunk liners, and floor mats. This can help keep your car beautiful, as well as clean. Almost everything in your car that is broken, or just looks like it needs a little help, can be fixed up or replaced in no time at all.

If a person has to search for a place to recycle, chances are they will just throw it in their trash and forget about it. People want recycling to be hassle free.

Make little games out of recycling chores. Recycling tasks like organizing and sorting items in the recycling bins can be boring sometimes but not if you add a little twist into it. Make it a contest wherein the whole family will be divided into teams, the team who is most organized and has the most items wins a prize. Make sure the prize is nice enough to motivate the family.

As a matter of fact, if you can find the transmission listed in auction format, you may get a great deal and save a lot of money over what other dealers may charge.

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