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We won’t lie, there is nothing better than an air-conditioned room on a hot summer day, a cozy bed, Friends running on Netflix, and a secret stash of snacks hidden behind your nightstand – sounds like a perfect summer day, right? This might not necessarily be your perfect day, but Friendspire is here to make your summer fun.

What Else is Out There for You to Do?

Staying in with Netflix and snacks on a loop might not be to perfect summer day for you, but there’s so much that the summer has to offer. Going out to your favourite rooftop bar, reading on the beach or by the pool, having some finely brewed coffee in a cute little café, or feasting on some scrumptious summer treats are some of the things that come to mind when we imagine perfect summer activities.

While going out for a meal and drinks or reading a good book sounds simple enough, one problem always seems to persist – needing an answer to “Where to go?”, “What to read?”, “What new foods to try?”. We live in a time where there is an overwhelming amount of information and content. It often feels like we have been blessed with access to great entertainment and cursed by an unlimited source of entertainment with new “hot” TV shows, movies, and books coming out all of the time.

Trends – How Effective Will They Be?

One way to make these decisions is by following the trend. You can go to the places everyone else is going to – the hot new bar that opened on the main street, the cute little bakery with the fluffiest croissant people claim to have eaten ever, or maybe that new food truck that is parked by the beach. Following the trend can only be effective if you solely want to be up-to-date with the world. If you want to find a place that is tailored to you and your interests, you will have to find another way to make decisions.

Are Online Reviews the Way to Ecstasy?

There is a simple solution for not being able to choose. You can search for recommendations from reviewers and experts. We all know that there are plenty of online reviews for everything including books, restaurants, cafes, movies, tv shows, and whatnot. The reviews are often legitimate and detailed, but do you have complete confidence a stranger’s review is relevant to you? Personal taste has always been an essential part of making a choice. How often have you chosen to buy the dress the salesperson didn’t approve of and ended up loving it? Or how often have you bought cosmetics from a super popular brand and you ended up not liking it?

Awe-inspiring Solutions from Friendspire

Even though online reviewers can be knowledgable on the quality of the food at a restaurant or how engaging a story is, their recommendations still aren’t written like they’re talking to you. Friendspire is a platform that combines the reviews of your friends and experts. This makes sure that you are well-aware of the expert opinions of restaurants, bars, books, or cafes while also presenting the ratings from your friends. Genuine reviews from people you trust and expert (or tastemakers) opinions help you arrive at your choice faster. The places you choose to eat at or the bar to get a mojito should be one-to-one with your personal choice, and Friendspire is all set to take complete care of that. Now enjoy the summer with recommendations that are relevant to you, and stop wasting time on shows and movies that don’t match align with what you like.

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