Basement Drainage Problems And Solutions

Basement Drainage Problems And Solutions

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Foam insulation keeps out the hot and cold air, but even more importantly, it keeps out moisture. Few people realize what a silent killer moisture is in the home. It can cause damage by coming into contact with carpets, drywall and other parts of the house. This causes mold infestations which are not only stinky and unsightly but potentially very dangerous. Studies are increasingly showing that mold is a major cause of asthma and untold other ailments. When an area of the house becomes infested, the mold spores become airborne and can then be inhaled. They pose a particular threat to young children and old folks. Making sure that the difficult areas of your home are properly insulated is a sure way to cut down on moisture from outside.

Although most of the molds encountered are of harmless type, however, in the case of devastating floods like Hurricane Katrina, the aftermath can be threateningly disastrous as climatic conditions further aggravate the situation. Since the growth is a slow process, it can be nipped in the bud if located at the right time.

First of all, you should always get multiple bids, and that will help with this question on the list. Do the bids seem to be similar? Is one extremely extravagant, or hundreds of dollars when another is thousands of dollars? This doesn’t mean that every project is going to be thousands of dollars, but you get the idea. Take the time to do the research. A great starting place is our website. We have compiled pages of useful information regarding the process of remediation and what to expect.

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All types of mold thrive in moist environments. In addition to moisture, Stachybotrys prefers high-cellulose surfaces, like the kind on drywall, fiberboard and other materials commonly used in home construction.

It’s now four years after my volunteering stint and five years after the hurricane. The people of New Orleans taught me to be family-oriented, not focused on objects. It is the only way to weather any storm and come out happy. Working in New Orleans and seeing what can so easily become of material possessions, I learned I did not want that to be my life. On occasion, survivors of the hurricane spoke to my group. A few discussed what they most regretted; they hesitated to leave when the warning came, and they ran into trouble trying to get away from the storm. Their belongings became heavy weights holding them back and dragging them into the disaster.

The reputation of a mold remediation company is important. By reading reviews about a company and even talking to those who have used the company, you should be able to find out whether a particular company can be trusted. You will not want a company that has a reputation for not leaving things neat and in order or at least trying to leave them somewhat better than when they arrived.

Another thing you can do to prevent flooding inside your home particularly the basement, is to regularly check your sump pump. If you find a defect in your pump, have it fixed or replaced. Also inspect your ductworks and basement pipes for any leaks. Lastly, check if the slope of the soil around your home is still going downwards away from your exterior walls.

I landed on an abatement crew. I was the person who removed household goods, people’s memories and tossed them to the curb. I tore down walls, ripped up floors and left a shell the homes’ residents wouldn’t recognize. The piles of rotted, moldy furnishings and piled up outside of houses. As I carted heavy wheelbarrows full of damaged sheetrock and rolls of carpet, I watched scroungers pick through the piles. They looked for copper wire and anything else that could be sold.

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