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For those aspiring to make it big in the Blockchain industry, do you find yourself debating between a degree and a Blockchain certification?

Yes! What did you choose and why? Degree or Blockchain professional certification?

Pretty sure that you would have chosen blockchain certification over the degree program. Yes, again! You made the right choice. Keep reading to know the reason.

But before that, understand that traditionalists will always speak in the favor of degree program, however, with the technology as disruptive as Blockchain – there has to be a different way to become an expert and to gain knowledge in the field.

Yes, certification is the path to take if you wish to make it big in this new technology.

Why Blockchain certification – is the question that comes to the mind. Here’s why

The debate over degree vs certification in Blockchain has been going on since the technology made its presence felt. So let’s see why is certification in blockchain a better option:

  1. Certification programs come with an expiry date. Implying that after certain period of time you will have to either go for reapply for the certification or based on experience apply for the advanced Blockchain professional certification. No such thing with a degree program.
  2. Certification program is more cost- and time-efficient as they are available online so the applicant can apply for it from anywhere in the world, as compared to a degree program, which is offered by certain colleges and universities.
  3. Certifications generally and even Blockchain certification comes with the facility of online proctoring. Implying that you can take the test again from anywhere in the world including the comfort of your home or convenience of your office.
  4. Certifications are more topic specific as compared to a degree program which has some basic subjects as well in their programs.
  5. There are no age restrictions for certification programs as compared to the degree programs that are more age restricted.
  6. Blockchain certification from reputed credentialing bodies are recognized globally as compared to a degree program which may or may not be recognized everywhere in the world.
  7. Recruiters seek candidates with updated skills over the theory knowledge especially in the Blockchain technology. Yes, Blockchain certifications are the best way to brush up on your skills and also improve on your knowledge.
  8. Working professional? Don’t need to miss your office to take up your certification program. Reason: Available online and are self-paced so you can take your time to finish the program.

Now that you know why should you go for Blockchain certification as compared to the degree programs let’s have a look at some of the other advantages of blockchain certification as well.

  1. With Blockchain certification in your portfolio you can command a handsome salary. Certified Blockchain professionals are high in demand and low in supply.
  2. Certified Blockchain professionals will always have an edge over their non-certified peers.
  3. Since there is an expiry date on Blockchain certification, the applicant is always on the alert to keep the certification through continuous learning.
  4. Blockchain certification displays your dedication to the profession and your eagerness to keep bettering yourself with time
  5. As the curriculum of Blockchain certification is always updated as per the industry standards, you will always stay ahead of your competition.
  6. The finer nuances that you learn within the certification program will help you become a better leader and a mentor.

For those of you, who had chosen certification in blockchain over degree program, we are sure you must be feeling happy about your choice. And for those who are still debating between Blockchain certification and a degree program – the time to think is over, as now is the time to act.

Don’t waste it and go for a Blockchain certification program for a soaring career in this new disruptive technology.



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