Why It Is Beneficial to Use .Net Core for Developing Cross-Platform Web Application?

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Have you just decided to develop an application for your business? If yes, then you may be scratching your head with multiple questions including what type of application you need, which is the best choice of programming language and how much does it cost to develop an application and more.

Don’t worry, this blog has all the answer to the query regarding developing a cross-platform web application using a .NET Core framework.

The moment you roll out with the app development decision, the primary thing that you need to know is the idea of your business and the goal you want to achieve through your business app. Secondly, the selection of the best programming languages and the team of experts that can seamlessly transform your idea into a practical product.

So let’s being with a detailed discussion.

Why .NET Core is the Best Choice for Developing Cross-Platform Web Applications?

There are a plethora of tools and technologies for developing enterprise-grade applications but the .NET core is the one standalone framework of Microsoft that is accessed by 26.7% of developers for creating applications that can smoothly operate on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Image Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/793840/worldwide-developer-survey-most-used-frameworks/

In comparison to others, .NET Core is a far more versatile technology that supports multiple programming languages. It includes C#, VB.NET, F#, XAML, and TypeScript and enables to development of various kinds of applications including web apps, mobile apps, desktop applications, APIs, IoT applications, Games, Microservices, and more. That is why .NET Core had considered as the most loved, dreaded, and wanted framework in 2019 and has secured the 3rd position in the most used frameworks in 2020.

Image Source: https://dottutorials.net/stats-surveys-about-net-core-future-2020/


As soon as you decided to develop an app with .NET Core, you’ll surely want to get deep into the reasons why it is best suitable for creating a cross-platform web application in 2020-21.

Let move to the significant reasons and determined how it can help you develop a business growing application!

Here are the main reasons that we have covered in this post:

1. .NET Is a Cross-Platform Framework


Conclusion: According to Stackoverflow, .NET Core is the 4th most used framework after Node.js and Angular as it allows you to have an application through which you can target macOS, Linux, Windows, and even run it with Docker.

Image Source: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018/#technology-most-popular-technologies-all-respondents2


Whether you are planning to develop a hybrid application or a web application, the most important thing you may look for its compatibility to run on multiple platforms. And .NET Core is the cross-platform framework that provides the freedom to develop Hybrid, Native, and highly interactive applications by using a single codebase.

.NET Core is based on “Write Once, Run Anywhere”, so you won’t need to hire various developers with different skill sets to create applications for multiple platforms. With the collaboration of the right software development team, you can easily create an enterprise-grade application using .NET Core technology and able to run it on your choice of platform.

2. Improved Performance and Excellence Response Time of the Applications


Conclusion: Microsoft and its community developers from all across the globe have pointed out that performance is the most integral part of any application. Therefore, with each release of .NET framework, Microsoft has provided better performance experience by offering a variety of core libraries with each new release.

Since Microsoft always set their vision to fulfill the technological need of tomorrow, therefore, .Net Core offers the ability to businesses to develop an application that gives you high performance and enables you to create in less time and budget.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Raygun, “Using the same-size server, we can go from 1,000 requests per second per node with Node.js to 20,000 requests per second with .NET Core.

To wrap up this statement, it is fair enough to say that by combining the right database and architecture; a developer can quickly build up a perfect solution for businesses looking for the app that can quickly scale up eventually.

3. Enables You Develop Cost-Effective Solution


Conclusion: Long back, by keeping in mind the app development need of businesses, Microsoft has developed Visual Studio Code and an IDE that help in building enterprise-grade applications. And a lot of them are free to access, but the best one comes with a licensing fee.

When it comes to developing software, the development cost is one of the primary factors that businesses are looking for. However, .Net Core is an open-source framework, that provides you with a perfect set of IDEs and tools that help developers to build an ideal solution for their clients.

No matter whether you are developing a web app with an in-house team or choose to hire an app development company, a significant number of tools are free to access but for the pro level of tools you need to pay a fee per developer and every year. That licensing fee can be $500+ or less, depending upon the tool.

4. Easy To Maintain and Flawless to Update


Conclusion: Microsoft often comes with new releases every year to improve the app performance and user experience, and you can easily update the app by merely refreshing the bundles of codes instead of making manual changes in the entire backend.

Many of you must be wondering how it can be as easy to update the application with the .NET framework as refreshing the codes. Here’s how!

This is true that with each new update, another framework version has been released. But in significant cases of MVC 5, a new attribute has come out to the market that is known as Routing.

However, when we talk about the .NET Core development service, NuGet Package Manager handles each new update. In that way, with the release of every new update, you can easily anticipate the changes in your app, by simply refreshing the NuGet Bundle rendition.

And as far as its maintenance is the concern, .NET Core based web apps are easy to maintain as they are developed with a single code base, so there is no need of optimizing the codes of multiple complex apps created with different sets of coding.

To maintain your app, all you need is to hire a software developer who is updated with the most recent releases of programming languages and capable of optimizing the app to integrate the latest changes.

5. .NET Core Apps Supports Multiple Cloud-Based Developments


Conclusion: With the emerging technologies like IoT developments, businesses need to choose the framework that easily supports multiple developments. And .NET is a perfect framework that enables you to develop a whole suite of apps in a multitude of domains and allow you to reach different markets.

Right from gaming, IoT, Desktop, Web app, cloud-based apps, AI to mobile apps, you just name it; a developer can easily make it done with .NET framework. This is one of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of this framework, as it provides the opportunity to develop multiple kinds of applications to meet the growing need of today’s businesses.

Besides, with the partnership of Microsoft with SWIFT, the leader in secure financial messaging services, .NET based solutions can help you access banking and corporations operating in a faster, more cost-effective, efficient, and secure ecosystem.

6. .NET Based Apps are Integrated with Higher Security


Conclusion: Whether you are a startup or a leading business, protecting your business data is one of the most severe concerns while developing an application. And, luckily, .NET offers you a wide set of mechanisms to increase the authenticity of the app and protect it from malware.

With the increasing use of applications, the security of the app has also become an essential and most highlighted issues these days. And having your web application hacked is one of the most horrible nightmares for any scale of businesses. As you can’t afford to leave you, child, alone in the market, in the same way, you can’t even think of having a web app developed with the lacking security measures.

But, while developing an app with .NET Framework, you don’t need to worry about the leakage of the sensitive data of your business.

In web applications, usually, HTTPS redirections protected with SQL injections and CSRF seem to be the keys of high security. However, with the modern architectures integrated with REST APIs and microservices, considering the same security measures is not so enough now.

You may have heard of many security terms like Policy-based Authorization, Payload Protection, Resource-Based protection, Claim-Based Protection, and more. All these terms are not just complicated to understand but also hard to implement.

So that’s where .NET framework comes with the wide choice of security mechanisms that are fearlessly used for app authentication, authorization, data protection, and attack prevention. Right from DataProtection, Secret Manager to Azure Key Vault, a developer can use various security APIs to extend the security of the business app.

7. .NET Core Offers a Huge Community Support


Conclusion: Since .NET is created and supported by Microsoft, therefore, developers can leverage the broad community support while making an enterprise-grade application.

No matter how skilled your app development team is, they always look for the great community support of the framework. And while developing an app with .NET core, it becomes more important to look for community support as Microsoft product has followed by a lifecycle, which begins with the release of the product and ends with the last update of the release.

The .NET Core support lifecycle offers support for each release, and provide you with the chance you get connected with highly passionate people experienced working in different domains. They contribute and share ideas to help you know how to shape your ideas into a perfect solution.




To wrap up these features of .NET Core, it is worth enough to say that .NET Core is a well-equipped and a robust framework that quickly helps you develop an enterprise-level application which flawlessly runs on multiple operating systems.

Moreover, many enterprises are already levering high functionality, rich features, fast performance, and best ROI on the app developed with the .NET framework. But to build a highly performing cross-platform web application for your business, you need to hire a .NET Core app development company that can ensure you scalability, security, and flexibility in your application.


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